Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Home truths

Besides the last news on not only synchronicity but for the first time someone appeared to be having a conversation with someone who is dead. This totally shakes every belief I have, and add to that the scientific proof people can apparently see the future plus these coincidences mean what we see as random free will is actually arranged from a higher level.

The trouble is the actual details of the life guided by these principles is mainly cack at the moment. I get bits and pieces of good in among a background of darkness. I have just been on the phone to a live example of transcending our suffering as he has a natural ability to overcome pain and related suffering by telling himself it isn't that bad. That could be taught to others and save the medical profession a lot of work. It's a rare ability and one that is a high yogic achievement and of course some people have these things naturally. I have my own but it doesn't include immunity to anything besides anger. Not having much anger means others can see life can be lived without it, and it really isn't a necessary emotion. No use to me really and if it comes it goes very quickly.

Today was almost wasted, I didn't sleep for ages so got up later than usual and besides cut the front lawn used the spare time to almost do nothing. There's a bit of time for more, I also saw the European Cup final on TV which was almost as exciting as the semi finals, and more than the FA cup final, and now I'm back here telling everyone just how little I did. Naturally doing nothing in a family is fun, it only sucks when you're on your own. I found many people who go out and away a lot are so bored at home they try and find excitement that way. I have in the past but agoraphobia aside am now at 47 perfectly content in an environment I spent years creating, and have done enough exploring to find whatever's out there isn't as clever as here. A representative sample of events, countries and other activities, and now my focus is on spiritual development and creation, all of which can be done right here.

As Maharaji says, people travel across the world to find enlightenment when the whole time it's always been within them. You can be right where you are and do the right thing, where you are is irrelevant and any problems always follow you across the universe, as when I found I had to resit half my first year exams when away, I still had to do it and couldn't escape the realities of life by being elsewhere. Better to fix your problems and not care about runnig around once you've checked it all out. I also had the chance to blitz every aspect of entertainment by 20, living in London when everything was very cheap. In the end I switched from the cinemas and theatres and discos to football and psychic events. And whatever my family think this was not where I met friends and partners, just learnt things. So my conclusion is once you're content where you are no one (girlfriends in particular) shouldn't condemn you for doing so, as how many people are actually happy in and around home? Not that many I suspect.

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