Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A trip round the supernatural.

Despite having sod all to report (rain and shit) I've been challenged to return, plus my laptop lost its internet connection so couldn't get on over the weekend.
So what can I say? There are a few shafts of light mainly the announcement my 3rd TV appearance appears on now, July 7th. Watch this space once I see it in writing on the schedule. That was really a relief. It's not only a third of my total speaking parts but on a channel with 10 times more viewers than the other two. I have also taken a pile of photos in Mill Hill, partly inspired by a request to add a pond photo I just took to their group, and realised there were many ponds in Mill Hill. So from running out of ideas I ended up with many new pictures besides the usual buses and a nice view of the M1 from the shopping centre.

Besides that and the rain and freezing weather (when it reached 4' last night my boiler went off) life is pretty routine. I am now more convinced in more psychic powers than I was, although that doesn't affect my immediate life. My grandma told a story of their friend's brother who went to a medium, and their mother said she had an argument with his wife, she pulled her hair and she kept it in a drawer. He went and looked and there it was. Now after a 16 year career as a researcher this hardly surprises me as all information can be tuned into, but is one of the clearest pieces of evidence if one message is good then however rare it is a reality. We can all do it, just some better than others and need practice like any other talent.

Now I just read a very sad philosophical description of existentialism, describing the universe as a cold hostile place and we're on our own here. Now this is surely the impression it gives, but the psychic messages we get contradict some of the view as we can't be alone. But all the information and help I get is neutral, doesn't improve life but just means we can see more. More of the same crap basically. God, love and all that isn't really evident as the true current behind everything. Even a few enlightened people I met say it's no better when they are aware of their true natures, just accurate. Many say it is better but I wonder what the deal is if some claim it to be just a different view of the same things.
I'm still scanning blogger to find other blogs but all I find are the editor's choices, none tagged or linked by interest. So all these labels we add here appear to be totally pointless so I just summarise mine with a few variations as my subjects rarely vary.

On a final note no internet allows me to meditate again, and that is the only positive route I know of. Had my move been in miles rather than millimetres since I started I'd be a very happy person by now. It works by moving us towards feeling pleasure and grows with use. Some eventually feel it constantly and have basically become enlightened, one of who I met who reached that level through a different method to mine. But they all work as others have as well as mine for me. But slow is the word and before I cut down I did it daily for well over 2 years but little happened except for the odd go. I know what it can do but rarely actually get there, and know if I don't do it I can't any other way. And it's not dependent on life outside or anything else, just a way to feel good which is something we can all do naturally as we are designed to. How nature designed us to not feel something unless a teacher tells us how is one of life's mysteries I can't start to understand, but am glad whoever discovered it did and then told me. After my qualifications that was the most important course I did, and the others are business, this was the best pleasure one. It was a weekly hour video for at least 5 months, but as the teacher didn't come here more than every year I had to wait about 15 as the first time I hadn't done my quota. Then a one or two evening selection process where they check you understood the course and then a weekend course (in Brighton Centre for us) to see him talk one day and teach the methods the next. Despite little sleep that was one of the proudest days of my life. For over a year knowledge, as it is called, was the most important thing in my life and now I'd sat in a big armchair and within 2 hours knew what it was. I've 'been there' for a few minutes or so a number of times, so will carry on doing it for life, and hope one day I break through like so many others to the higher levels. And it's not even practice, people often get there quickly but it may not last. Beyond me to fathom out, I just persist and hope.

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