Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The purpose of dreams

There are a few times when things stop altogether my life can be pointed back on track by dreams. These overlap the ordinary type but contain what's more like a real person or experience designed to show me what's possible in reality. Where they come from is another story but I know now all supernatural events should be taken advantage in with no need to understand how. People used to have no choice but to live this way but now people think if they don't know it's scientific it can't exist. Well I can say different.
My own intuition is the same as everyone's except I realised fairly quickly there were things I knew I'd always known despite not having an experience of said issues yet. Like food. I can look at anything and know if I won't like it, and if some gets in by accident I'll say there's whatever it is there and it's revolting. Never tried it but always knew. Same with most women I meet. So I am now working on using this more, I've long finished studies where I needed to give references, now I can let go of all that and just go on to higher knowledge, the sort we know without learning it.

I really need inspiration as there's fuck all happening at the moment. When the peak of your life is a backward but attractive woman telling you she's got a boyfriend (after seeing you first) but is fed up with him and may keep you in reserve when she gets back from holiday in 2 months you know there is something very big missing. I'm at a stage in life where I should be using the freedom, but as it was in 1976 when I'd finished my exams early and had to wait for the next school year for A levels I had all the time, transport and no one around to share it with. I'm back there now except I'm now living alone, back then my parents were at work all day but at least came home later on, and I knew I'd be back at college in September. For the first time in ages I plan to meditate more than just weekends, and having lost my regular sex partner of about 20 years to an older man that yawning gap needs dealing with as a priority. She wasn't my type or even free, but insisted on seeing as many men as possible all her adult life whatever her status so I wasn't interfering with anything. It was my safety net which even now is the last thing to go.

Without the dreams I'd forget what I was missing and it was worth having, until it happened by chance. I'm old and wise enough to know I can't just go and get it without paying (which I don't do) but at least am in a positive frame of mind if it does find me. The week ahead is unknown, one job tomorrow and that's it. I'll be hanging round busy roads taking people next, a sure way of becoming unpopular but as total strangers who cares. Random people in the street are some of my best photos and most popular. In my daydreams a woman from the past or present will come and sort me out, just as in my other dreams, and at least of all the rest this is the only one which can happen in reality, although with a lot of work by me first. They come to me about once a decade and even then most are only accepted as they are available, I'd never have gone near them otherwise. Women rarely realise most men will accept them if they throw themselves at them as it happens so rarely they are very grateful. I've turned down a few but they were the real frights and didn't want to be put off it entirely. One I did accept put me off till I saw my girlfriend again when I got back from holiday to see they weren't all that bad. Now I know I won't be put off again by anyone but that was when I was 15.

There are some women who are clearly interested, but being American their culture allows them to show it, and location stops them from doing anything about it. All I can say is if any woman reading this who wants to come to London and offer to shag me is almost definitely going to be accepted. If I had been a woman I'd be calling my ISP tomorrow to have the cable rebooted as it had overloaded overnight. Being a man it's the old way as usual instead. And people believe in God?

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