Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday again

There is no known future, and the present is taken up filling the time there is. One single project remains alive, the TV programme I did a couple of years ago which is now almost ready to go on air. No idea when though. Otherwise I plan a day or less ahead, and the next plan is a trip to Marylebone with the camera. As I'm working till tomorrow that covers me till about Thursday and that's basically how it's happening at the moment.

Ongoing projects still continue, my one man effort to disprove to enough people that global warming is an issue, my work with alien abductees and my plan to promote the Tesla tower, the only proven method to transmit cheap energy. The two big environmental groups took no interest, as they are interested in destroying capitalism, not helping anyone. That's now been tested. Plus no doubt (like Al Gore) they hold stakes in their own version of alternative energy which is a way of ripping people off from another angle.

So for now my blog has to be more entertaining than reality. If I can pull that off. So there's the rude angle (pulling off, jerking off, jacking off, having a wank etc) and any other. I will admit to not reading any blogs for a few weeks, let alone commenting, but why it should have to be a mutual affair as I comment on blogs I search out, not ones who comment on mine. But my small group of followers seem to disappeared to be replaced by who? And when I go out of my way to be controversial (although totally accurate) not a squeak. Only when I dared to say women were less interested in sex than men I got the PC brigade on my arse, and that was by an old friend (admittedly who'd forgotten me completely since then). So either no one's read it or they all agreed with me (which is difficult not to do as my argument was pretty watertight). But I do tune my knowledge doing this, and also the 30,000 plus scientists who signed the petition man made global warming is not proven need as much help as they can get. As the media refuse to bother then it's down to bloggers to fill the space as they can't stop us. I know this to be a fact as Youtube (which is meant to be moderated, unlike this) has the worst Nazi propganda all over it, all of which is regularly reported but has never been removed. So compare that with a totally free site and you can't basically surpress the internet (outside the communist countries anyhow).

Interestingly there are only a couple of people now who bother to disagree with me on global warming. They simply can't. Their case involves data which is either out of date or proven to be false. They have nothing to show us any more. The robbery continues as, like the equally odious Robert Mugabe, no one cares to stop them. Yet. The difference is Mugabe has almost total power over a weak and poverty stricken country, but the world order can only last while the truth is surpressed. Now we have all the facts we need they can't scam us on climate any longer, as new data has now filled the place of their made up cack and cannot be dismissed by anyone with nothing to contradict it but fears for the future. That is not a basis for policy.

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