Thursday, June 12, 2008

Filling the vacuum

The hoovering can wait, this is the vacuum of freedom but nothing actually happening besides my own resources. No other people involved from one day to the next.
I know freedom is a blessing, you never forget that when you haven't got it, but is it enough? The camera means I visit places I've known most of my life just to get photos of them, and if I'm lucky I find something else to do while I'm there. I finally made it to the cafe in the park in Hendon on the way back today and had a nice walk around it after.

Many things have been eliminated from my list as usual, the newspaper article being the biggest, the women having failed already haven't been lost as they were already, but I keep trying new things, often through sudden inspiration. Of these few ever make it, but gives me a chance. I've written to a couple more celebrities, one who I actually knew at primary school, and am still promoting the Tesla Tower, my positive contribution in exchange for doing all I can to destroy the myth of global warming. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, who I sent this to first, clearly proved they are interested not in the environment but in destroying capitalism by showing no interest in genuine alternative energy at all. At least they had the chance and blew it. I'm now looking for backers to build a small working version and see finally if it works or not. If it does and anyone who knows can see it doing so then all the oil barons will lose their power overnight. Having come across someone who can run an engine on water I have little doubt all these energy sources are genuine.

I also visited the perimeter fence of the Big Brother house on my travels today, and looked around to see a few people who'd got in as media hacks and had proper photos inside. I'll do that next I'm sure. It's quite different inside now but still the same place.
So, I keep getting inspiration to get me to the next day and no further, which is good enough, like a penny in the black. You could have a lot more but you're still just in profit.
If anything is ever developing behind the scenes we never know until it's revealed, but on global warming the news against is now outnumbering the news for, simply as there's nothing to actually report in it's credit. A tree cannot offer fruit any different from what it has, as the bible says, and this is a nothing tree. One that needed the rebels to prove the fact as the illusion was a very good one (for the sheep, you know who you are) but no different from the Wizard of Oz or The Matrix. Once you're unhooked you wonder how you could ever have believed it.

I may not be enlightened in that I see no more illusion in suffering than many people do in global warming, but it's only the esoteric final step that currently eludes me. Within the illusion of time and space the gurus claim is false I do see the illusions for what they are, and when you've caught one out the rest become a lot easier as they all have the mark of the devil. In biblical terms that means a lie can only bear a lie, and the signs are all the same. Facts don't need to be shouted or exagerrated, they speak for themselves. Liars shout or overelaborate. Just study police techniques and you'll see the same signs in everything. Al Gore probably needs to take a shot of Botox before he gives a speech to stop his body twitching like a spastic as he's telling so many whoppers.
If I ever get any personal credit for sharing the truth it'll be a bonus. What I really want is people to see through the illusion before we all return to poverty not seen for centuries in the west. This is armageddon, the final showdown. If they can catch us on global warming (and terrorism) they'll finish us off. No cars, no electricity (except nuclear) and travel permits. That is where it's heading. I said in 1975 vote no to the EU as they'd take over and no one listened. Now they make 80% of our laws. I have a track record in this area. Use your own senses. Is the climate really any different? Can you tell?

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