Friday, June 13, 2008

Time and shit on my hands

Someone who may eventually read this just said blogging is a waste of time (I disagree), was giving up, and simply carried on at another address. Go figure. Maybe it was a denial of an addiction, but this is therapy and can't be overdone as long as the buggers keep it free.

My freedom continues, and it's a real test after 3 days with no one at all around. That's what not living in a family does to people, and if you're borderline weird beforehand then the isolation can make any tendencies into full blown complexes, which I'd be unaware of as it seems normal from here. If I didn't have this to fill the gaps I guarantee it would be even worse, even though I haven't had a comment added for months. I have hardly read any blogs since then either but when the people you used to read stop writing or change topics to focus on one area then it's hard to find new ones. I'm going out soon and have been pretty busy this week but it was bound to run out of steam eventually. Either jobs I needed to do have been done, put off or forgotten altogether. The people I'm emailing drop off day by day as it becomes less likely one will reply, and I've virtually run out of people to try in all the years I have been trying.

The results haven't actually been so bad overall. One girlfriend from a dating site, two old friends and various new people I'd met on the internet including my new friend from Big Brother. So basically the only gap was the old girlfriends, which although many have succeeded in reviving all but one of mine that was single again (only a few) had got rid of me and clearly didn't want any more coming back to haunt them. The other was divided by distance, and has more than got her own back since I decided it was too far for me to travel all those years ago. Most people move on and if not gain, at least don't lose too much. My friends all but vanished since 2002 and besides the girlfriend who spent most of two years in mental hospital before it all went rotten that has been it more or less, plus the TV work.
I expect the letter I wrote about the Tesla tower will be published and get the cause nowhere (they always do when money is required, even when it's for someone else) and the others will just be eliminated from my list as always.
I'm off to take some photos now, still keeping occupied.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your calls on LBC and enjoy reading your blog - come and check out forum sometime - good LBC group there


David said...

Thanks a lot, I've seen a few threads there before and have already been busy on the old Tommy Boyd/Iain Lee and Talk Forums, as well as my regular ones.
I was on Bill Buckley last night around 3.20 as well!