Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Global warming- the enemy

Seeing as a British bishop just said people who deny global warming are as bad as the man who screwed his daughter and kept all the children locked up for 30 years, I'd include myself as an incestuous kidnapper. Or not. Which of us would you call sane?

Anyway, the case is nearing the close, and there are basically as usual two types of the global warming brigade, the leaders who know the truth (and profit from hiding it) and the majority, the followers whose only crime is being too trusting and not checking the facts, which alone can be found on my other site www.kingsbury.tk if they want to look.

I'll summarise the 2008 research situation: The research links are all on my other site.

Carbon dioxide has been shown to increase with temperature increase rather than before it. Therefore the fact all life on earth requires it we really should give it a break and not waste our time cutting emissions.

The latest research conceded extreme weather events are not likely to increase with temperature.

Sea level has risen very gradually for over a century as it continues to do. The current increase will not make any difference for a very long time and there is no way any melting ice could increase it for hundreds of years as there isn't enough to do so.

The ice has been melting and freezing as it always has. When winter comes much has frozen more than before after melting more than before. Creating space for winter ice by summer melts is nature's balance and although the ice has shifted worldwide hasn't actually decreased overall whatever they tell you.

So, with all the commonly held beliefs not actually real, here are a few more points.

Global warming, based on the same figures used to show it was when it was, has stopped. There has been no increase in average world temperatures this century. This was admitted by IPCC and added it's not likely to increase for ten more. So people are being taxed for... what? To stop climate stability?

The sort of temperature increases threatened, whether happen quickly or slowly, are within normal ranges over history. Extinctions normally took place in cold periods not warm ones, and if sea does rise it does it over centuries, so even animals are able to move away in time. It's not a tsunami. Most increases in deserts have been from intensive farming and not temperature.

So with oil running out, food shortages, and overpopulation to make these happen drastically faster, people are banging on about something that has the power of a basket of kittens. What would you prefer, a warmer world or nuclear waste from the 'clean/carbon neutral' nuclear power, and worry about this instead of issues that are actually here now and affecting everyone equally? You notice there's no UN action to educate people to breed less and bring down the prices of world resources, just rob us of the little we have.


Anonymous said...

Wait to see what warming really is.


David said...

Good one! Now that's the sort of warming I'd be really scared of!