Friday, October 24, 2008

Detritus for the day

I've been working my way through the map for new photo locations each day, and beyond that it's like the Twilight Zone where the rest of the world has frozen. I will say despite the standard 'different country and taken' scenario, an ex from schooldays has proved even better than she was back then, and if no more an inspiration to what I need now. In reality after a while I forget what women are for besides the obvious as lack of contact means the memory fades and just have to assume having a girlfriend was better than not, without actually being able to relate to it any more. She has just about reminded me as with so many others having turned nasty over the years (I tend to search them out from time to time as it keeps me occupied) she has done the opposite, and gone from being bloody good to even better than bloody good. Knowing more or less exactly who suits me by now she would probably have all that it takes to cover all the areas, and can't be the only one like that can she?

My other blog on a site which introduced them where I was already has just switched from present to past as the entries repeat themselves so much. I can't talk dirty or run down anyone there so my alternative to polite reporting is not permitted. If I was looking at my future on a straight road ahead of me I'd expect to see endless years of identical weeks with the odd pothole in the middle where something dreadful happened on the way. The clocks going back at the weekend will switch my photo trips to more time indoors, although how I keep finding places to go still amazes me. I looked at the map for more parks this week and am finding all sorts hidden away I'd never been to before, but that's only got a week or so left to cover. I got told off on the other blog for saying the current woman had less conversation than an answerphone, so I'll have to say it here instead. The one before who didn't want any funny business had plenty of conversation although she had apparently been diagnosed with a mental age in single figures. Go figure. She was actually very good company and I spent some years driving her all over the south of England but circumstances put that to an end eventually. I'd run out of places to go anyway but we had some good times only spoilt by absence of physical contact. Before the chronic fatigue set in I could drive anywhere, we went to Winchester Cathedral, High Wycombe (the new John Lewis on the M40), Crowthorne, Greenwich and Blackheath, Chorleywood (stuck in the snow for 7 hours coming back) and Richmond Park. With her 'problems' (there were others) she didn't work so was an ideal candidate for sharing otherwise boring days. Now someone like her without a morbid fear of physical contact would do just fine now, and she wasn't even what anyone could call attractive but was very attractive to me anyhow regardless how she looked. Some people just do the job regardless of their appearance.

My 2nd DVD of BBC trade tests is on its way next week, only one left now which is from another source that I have yet to see again. No word on the fireworks yet, I'll have to phone them soon or miss it assuming it's on. Tomorrow is the last afternoon with light for photos this year, I expect I'll cover a couple more parks nearby and of course grass and trees and sometimes flowerbeds tend to look the same the world over. I posted a picture of a country path Tuesday and someone else had an almost identical one that day from Holland. Not the first time by any means. Good views always will be but only so many possible. They allow porn on Flickr now at least and some pretty impressive stuff they have as well. How naked people can be offensive to anyone with all the really nasty pictures some people take is a mystery to me, and only indicates the religious/neurotic attitude some have to the human body and sexuality. The phrase 'sex and violence', as if similar, has always frightened me as it shows how sick many people are to include such opposites in a single sentence. They would only be equally bad if performed at the same time. Otherwise they are polar opposites.

So even though I want some plans, to find a woman to ask to the fireworks or anything else for that matter, get some more media work and anything else to break the painless but dismal weekly routine, there are no ideas to beat the reality. So I spend an hour or so each day uploading and tagging new photos and another half an hour doing this, checking all the posts on Funtrivia and any TV in between. And although I can take it or leave it, some jobs I've tried for would be a help, but I suppose the cushy numbers I apply for are so popular they usually go to the boss's nephew. I've never been against working but it's been against me. But not the most important thing in life and shouldn't be for anyone. Just an unwelcome means to an end as far as I'm concerned.

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