Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sea level rises, the actual details

Did you know... Mean sea level has risen 1mm a year since the end of the last ice age. Current measurements have increased to 2-3mm a year. That means (I must use Imperial now as I follow it) in 100 years the maximum level (ie the worst case scenario currently advertised) is a rise of about a foot. Many countries have large areas below sea level already, and with the time to protect or leave, people in both flood plains (ie irresponsible building and planning regulations that allowed it) and in those countries barely above sea level will have to make the inevitable move that had to be done anyway. London, however, the place Al Gore, Tony Blair and George Monbiot (more holes in his articles than Swiss cheese, trust me) love to quote to put the bejasus up you is not 1 foot above sea level, or 2. In fact the banks of the Thames in the centre are all artifical so they could reclaim more land and make it run faster to avoid sewage floating in it (sorry for the graphics but it is my local history).

The areas either sides of the river are either walled up heavily or have houses right to the edge which have flooded regularly since they were built in Victorian times. People chose to have a nice view and mooring and suffer the consequences, as they do in every town in the country. The government say if people want to build in lousy places it's up to the market to take it or leave it rather than just ban it altogether. So insurance goes up and eventually won't be given as the claims are used up. That is nothing to do with sea level rise and they are the ones who will be affected by it in 2100 or 2200 when we are all not here to know if it ever happens. So if Al Gore doesn't mind I'm not going to worry about the sea rising at a rate none of us can dispute his veracity on as he's pitching at a time impossible to prove, and if they put every penny spent on research into global warming to stop raw sewage being put into the water system worldwide we'd see the benefit in a few years. I'm not a gambler so would always prefer to put my money on a certainty thank you.

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