Sunday, October 12, 2008

Intuition, with examples

Following the last entry I will freely admit I see the supernatural as an escape from the otherwise boring and unfulfilling world. But it does not and has never used predictions and a word of advice to people about the natural and supernatural, don't listen to what people say is going to happen ahead. It's not possible to do so and also takes your eye off the ball in the present. It's a form of mind control like hypnosis that makes you focus on the date or possible future whether you want to or not, the seed has been planted and our minds are designed to accept them despite being poisonous to them.
And I don't mean when people can see the end of a current path, like this credit crisis which mirrored history since money was introduced. That's just a bloody obvious equation by offering more than could be returned eventually it would stop flowing back with interest. That is not the same thing.

So whatever the present offers I can only live within its limits. Thank goodness the Independent on Sunday published some experts who disagree with global warming and can demonstrate why. We need these every week in all the media before our pockets have all been picked. Just the fact glaciers are no smaller overall should be enough of a sign we are being conned, as every time they shift some wise guy films the bit that's dropped off and not the part that's grown behind it. Selective reporting is straight from the Nazis and those they learnt from. The Russians learnt it from them and so did the Chinese who I saw dressing their police up as Buddhist monks to stage a riot for the world media.

I suppose I'm no different, but the stats tell me during the time I was being attacked here in the comments my visitors went up 10 times and dropped back after. Car crash TV/blog/radio etc. Unfortunately it means whatever I write is clearly not of that much interest to all but my regulars and as soon as the trouble is over all the others drop off. I can't do much about it and don't want the lunatic to return so can only write as I see things. Of course not many others do as I do so can't appeal to very many. Unfortunately the huge number of victims that fall for all the scams hate to imagine they have been lied to. I don't lie to people and get persecuted for trying to point this out to others. Big deal. Telling the truth is never easy but can never be stopped for any reason as it's all there is. Nothing else exists. Greenhouse gases, alien craft, all the things people want to hear and hate to be divested of, but it's all the same. If Tony Blair and Al Gore say so it still doesn't make it so. They are rich, powerful and famous not for telling the truth or helping the masses. Al Gore was called a liar by a British judge who listed at least 17 of them to prove it. And people still look at the world and think it's changing. But the changes involved in global warming, the harmonic shift or any other dreamed up BS could not be seen by individuals as they are on a world scale and hidden in systems so even the top scientists can't dig them all out, yet they expect us to see it.

Of course had an alien craft actually displayed itself for all to see none of us would be writing any more as we would have been superseded by a higher fact. Until then you've just got bloggers. It's good for my intuition though as it means each time I'm challenged I'm more able to draw on it and trust it, and let it grow. Some facts need sources like the growing glaciers, but others, like the lack of an alien craft arrival just need our own inner feeling to tell us they're bogus. Once you've found your intuition on something easy like that you can let it work on other things until you know what it feels like and are confident with it.

It works very well meeting new people especially. A feeling about that person is rarely wrong if strong enough, and negative vibes tend to be stronger although thank goodness my positive ones started working as well. When I saw Rachel enter Big Brother this year within 5 minutes I felt a rare connection with someone special, which remained to the end and was felt by enough others to vote her the winner. That is the most hopeful event this year. Not for her or the programme but it was a test of people's intuition they actually passed. The more you use it the more subtle things it'll discern and don't ever worry if you can't back up what you feel or know, as it's the highest level of knowledge, direct knowing.


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