Friday, October 10, 2008

Psychic research review

I've been busy today (surprise from all around) on many different fronts. Some totally wasted effort, some real work (more surprise but despite no regular job I do some work and always have), and a lot of research. One contact pointed me to another prediction, that the ETs are going to appear in a ship on the 14th of October. Oh dear, not again. These buggers don't give advance warning. No one ever does. 'He shall come as a thief in the night' is thousands of years old and a quote that applies to every major event in the universe. Can you imagine the aliens putting an ad in the Radio Times 'Tuesday October 14th 6pm (GMT) Alien ship arrival in the skies. All channels'. If only. The only interesting part was all satellite images have had a kite shaped area covered up over the Arctic for days as the US Defense department who censor such things have something they don't want us to see.
Of course it's actually all the money flowing out of Iceland who have just robbed the world of billions, including £15 million from my own London borough. Or they have gunships trained on it already to take it over on our behalf and can't be seen doing so. That makes sense.

Meanwhile life goes on. I look in authentic places for my escape for the world and follow up the less likely as well just in case. The greatest feature of ufos and their occupants is their selectivity. They decide who will see and hear them and do not announce anything but the vaguest details. Such details however are authentic as the spidersweb of data I've collected over the last 7 years has such obscure information, often given by more than one person, that by the time I've checked it all I've had to dig around obscure corners for weeks. Be honest, for example, how many people know (or can even find) Hathor relates to the Pleiades. The Pleiades are the Seven Sisters, and Hathor in Egypt had 7 different animal representations, each relating to one of the stars in the constellation. My client produced this over two sessions, through her contact called Sarsha. One day I was watching Lyssa Royal Holt on TV and she started talking about it and the various plans for the Earth and how they worked with the ancient Egyptians. I said hang on, this is the same thing my client told me. Then she said her channel was Sarsha.
The chance my client had come across her as well is unlikely but possible, but she isn't the only one telling me this. Someone else covered half the same information before I met her and clearly not from Lyssa as seemed to come from a different source. I check and double check all my people, and a liar can be tripped up sooner or later however clever. And the point of coming to me from miles away to discover who knows what doesn't seem at the time a way to start a new career. I'm the one seeking publicity not them, and do it through what I believe are honest people providing new information.

It's better than being bored anyway. I meet many fascinating new people and many are anonymous and terrified of being known about. Their stories are no different from the others and all follow a similar pattern which seems to imply the same sort of thing has happened to all of them. Liars can't all make up the same story. Not this complex. I crossed the point of doubt years ago but have to address them for the readers as technically the best evidence is obscure experiences shared by people scattered around the world, plus scientific information that holds up under testing. I've seen dodgy presentations all over the place, and they all seem too good to be true, contradict themselves, drop big names and end up being one person's attempt for publicity and money. Planet X, Ed Dames (the one who announced the last date for a ufo to be revealed in front of the world's press on a particular date), Orme powder (look it up if you need to), and so many others which unravel on contact. Unlike these the few that remain build with time and add new facts.

If the 14th proves to be real then all us researchers will be free as there'll be nothing left to research. There will be no disbelievers and no religion. And (ahem) no more talk about global fucking warming. Any world where the population are so flaming thick they genuinely accept a small rise in temperature will make a blind bit of difference just shows that an average IQ of 100 is easily led. Like borrowing money they can't pay back. All the same thing. The poor sheep, some (triple figure IQs) learn from their mistakes and kick themselves for being caught in the first place, the rest often go back for more, like the total maroons who bought privatised shares after they'd almost gone broke. We all see and know people flying into the flame like moths, and can do nothing about it, but it costs us all money when they make us broke for allowing policies to affect us all.

I've had long enough to test my own intuition to trust it nowadays. Not in small details but bigger pictures. I see it in others, and regularly check back to see if they are on the same track or not as me. When we all work out the same thing as if it was in a diagram in front of us then we are presumably right. There will always be well meaning and desperate people wishing for things to happen to fix it but that doesn't happen. The bastards will still be bastards and ET has better things to do and places to go than worry about us. They would have got where they were by steady evolution not sudden education from outside, and will have to let every other race do the same. I suppose at least this won't drag on for years like Planet X, but is no different. This poor guy who has built a whole website on it like Planet X did in 2003 (predictions made for arrival every few months) will see his career end on the 15th. I deal in science which takes steady effort and occasionally gets a sudden jump. The Large Hadron Collider, our only scientific tool publicly allowed to work, may even have been sabotaged, as definitely the powers that be have made efforts to stop it already with no luck and it is now well buggered for a long time. They may have discovered nothing but we may now never have the chance to find out as I expect as soon as they fix it another part will mysteriously fail as if British Leyland/Rover have quietly started business building that when they went out of it here. That or someone's tampering with it.

David's prediction: On the 15th of October my blog will still be here! I'll put my house on that one, if I'm not then I won't need it anyway.

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