Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A thread of hope

I've had a really boring last few days and possibly next few and many more ahead. But it's odd that through my voluntary work (ie ufo investigation) I was told about the prediction (due today) about the ufo. Now that itself is BS like all the Nigerian letters offering you 30% of TEN MILLION US$ and variations thereof. But it's given me a lot to read and see the full range of world opinion on such things, and be sent piles of links to similar places. Had I not heard about it I'd have played online trivia and made comments on forums and life would have carried on as it always does. Nothing's happened or will happen but at least I've found some people feel the way about the world that I do. I'm actually far from the only one fed up with watching crap from the outside by the majority, and despite my best efforts to talk it down get not very far.

So that at least is heartening. It's not me, the world stinks and needs something to clear it out before we all get swamped by regulations and taxes. World governments (with some exceptions) have now pooled many resources to do this big time. The war on terrorism (read 'a fucking good excuse to make people give up more rights'), global warming (save the planet and ruin your wealth) and the latest credit crunch, which could have been stopped years ago if they'd brought in credit controls. But taxes on house prices have tripled so why should our government or any other get in the way of such ill-gotten gains? I can see this, some others can, but most sadly can't even when you rub their noses in it. I won't give up saying it but have given up expecting anyone to take any notice.

So rather than go to bed and wake up tomorrow to a possible trip for more photos in a desolate corner of Hertfordshire before the regular visit to grandma, I'd rather share with the few (9?) remaining readers what I've been doing for the last hour or so and my impressions of reading 148 comments on this ridiculous and totally unoriginal prediction that has captured enough of the attention of the fringe elements to start major discussions on something more interesting than the regular crap. Nintendo Wii games, film star's knickers, the latest Coldplay (who they?) gig, etc etc ad fucking nauseam. If people can get all their jollies on such cock-numbing dreck then good luck to them. I can't and never have. I've been into alternate dimensions since hearing my first fairy story and aren't giving up the journey now. If this world doesn't have an escape hatch I'll still spend my life looking for one, as were most of the people reading this blog about the prediction.

It is the pyramid effect. It's the upturned bell shaped curve of average behaviour. There most are in the middle and a few on the edges. Take the integral of that and you have a pyramid (O level calculus, failed). That puts the odd people at the tip and the plebs at the wide bottom of the pyramid. If you then spread out the people equally the gaps between those on the top levels of the triangle are widely spread out while the bottom row stays the same. Those at the top still exist but are so spread out they often believe there's no one else like them. Mensa, the internet and other specialised places bring them together, but when they read comments by the majority endlessly they start again to forget and think they're among morons again.
Not having many of the top level close to me at the moment (I rarely do but even less right now) I go on the internet and am swamped by negativity as soon as anyone dares to challenge the acceptable beliefs, left/right/ religious and whatever. But they are mass market attractions, with billions of faithful and uncritical followers. Anything esoteric or intellectual is subject to ridicule and total misunderstanding by most, and all they can do is laugh at it or throw insults. The desire to escape such a level of humanity is becoming extreme now, clearly not just for me but the thousands of people popping up worldwide to comment on this prediction.

So all it has done is prove I and we are not alone, but a certain amount of people are all fed up with things as they are, and believe as we as humans can do nothing to stop the tide of garbage something else would be very nice to do it for us. Of course tomorrow the sun will rise and set and our radios and TVs will bleat on about 'carbon footprints' (these are actually what are made by fairies at the bottom of our gardens) and the banks will demand more money to make sure they don't lose their power and bonuses while thousands of naive sheep will be bitterly disappointed their new messiah didn't deliver the promised event. But if even a few other people see the world as I do I'm not alone or making it up. I've been here 48 years and remember 46 of them clearly, and things have definitely got a lot worse. Especially in the last 10 years. I could probably write a book on it as it's so widespread but I've mentioned the elements many times already.

Well LBC mentioned the prediction on the last show which was a surprise, but all the others haven't. One more than I expected anyway. Off to bed, business as usual. Sod it.

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