Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a small pile of it

It's partly chaos but surviving. After nearly 5 years I must return to the dentist with a lost filling, but thankfully a front one so not causing any trouble. Then the doctors for a checkup which will be a welcome relief in comparison not to mention the eye test. I get fed up with all this cack after so long of it, but some can't be avoided. No other plans at all although even the cack ones are plans as well.
Other than that it's business as usual, partly in the sense of the sort of business you step in I suppose, but many things are neutral until they turn one way or another.

I have more or less concluded the global warming effort after getting on for 10 years- I've summarised it here although should then get the figures for the final part. I'm not a scientist and until I find one to help then I've presented everything I can. The IPCC aren't going to listen although 43 members of the Royal Society have forced them to back down on the claim the science is settled. As similar temperature changes are happening on Mars I do wonder who's fucked up their climate from the surface as well. We are dealing with the lowest form of creepy dishonesty here, and it'll take the full force of every decent person on this planet to deal with the lies and theft before it's too late and there's no oil, electricity or much else. That's the real crisis, totally man made and totally avoidable. We have nothing to fear from climate.

I hope for more and better this week, no idea what will happen but have made the message clear. The last thing I want is a wait for the dentist, get it out of the way as soon as possible if I can. If that goes well then I don't really mind what follows- who would?

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