Monday, May 10, 2010

Global warming won the election

The viewing figures are down, is it me or the fact I rarely comment elsewhere for various reasons already mentioned? But life goes on, the blog goes on being free so the two will always combine given those two conditions.
I've done pretty well so far, and slightly stretched my capabilities (since they became limited) and drove an hour south for a road sign last night which turned up online during the week. Being on a dual carriageway it was a lot further than the longer ones I've done that weren't so far in the suburbs, so glad I made it. I used to do over 400 miles in a day without a second thought if required but people change as well as requirements, and have no reasons to do that now even if I could.

Minor plans ahead include a trip to the rubbish tip for a friend (a regular equivalent of a party or funeral), meeting a couple of people from Flickr to either deliver or view photos, and what I'd call my freedom otherwise. I still suspect the universal connection between everything directs much of what I say now, and even when I feel I shouldn't have come out with a few shockers which although were the right things to say opened me up to the elements, ie hooligans who could easily exploit it. I just can't shutup however much I have now decided to for my own safety. No one appears to listen to my case against global warming either, people either get it or not, and the ones who don't appear to believe something technically impossible is as genuine as the aliens making crop circles. Or something like that. It shows the basic gullibility and stupidity of too many people and makes me embarrassed to be part of humanity if so many need to grow and develop. Patronising as that sounds I have to live with the fuckers and their dangerous actions and prefer to be free of false taxes and genocidal policies.

Now I've been made aware of connections I'm able to see them more often, and understand how they work. It's not just me, they are the same for everyone and if aware they exist will happen more for you as well. I've seen photos of old signs I'd never seen before and then either found real ones or another within days and that's on top of dreaming about many before the real ones arrived. I've got sign success from it so far, and a basic awareness all things are linked, which is a start but nowhere near a finish. I now see enlightenment as a shift in consciousness and while some see it and reject it others prefer it and stay there. It almost seems now that although I can't conceive it any more than a blind person can imagine a colour, I may be on the edge and ready to fall over the side and find myself there. I also suspect my ego had to be tamed first so I didn't bore the world with it if it happened, which I won't now. If it happens I won't even mention it unless asked as it's something most people wouldn't have a clue about. You can't be let to abuse any power and I see it happening all around me.

But I currently feel I don't have enough power over my own life rather than want it over anyone else. I can't get myself published, on proper TV or even friends I can see locally any more, let alone become enlightened. I could really do with someone else to share this path rather than just report it from time to time and get random comments. No one local I've found on Facebook wanted to see me as clearly have enough friends, but you can't have too many. They haven't learnt that yet though. I may even be growing spiritually but would prefer to enjoy it all a bit more. It has its moments but so much nonsense with islands of relief. I really must deserve more, everyone does really.

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