Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A clean slate

I have a pretty clean slate now. Jobs that needed doing have been done and collecting a heap of stuff from late grandma's tomorrow to give away. I'm back Streetviewing after a week off and hope something easy to get to turns up just to keep me at it. I may well see the harmless but useless woman this week after managing to delay it for two weeks, as I get almost nothing back (well technically zero) so don't see the point besides being the nearest thing I get to socialising at the moment.

Looking back I have done pretty well this year:

Lots of rare old road signs mainly down to the new Streetview coverage

Been to a party (a rare event nowadays and one the nerves had to deal with)

Dealt with all business and work issues smoothly

Visited a few people (see party entry above- as rarely invited is a big deal nowadays)

Both seen the guidance continue from last year plus now seeing connections around me

Been to various pubs with said woman which were also a good test for my nerves

Did a photo shoot in a restaurant (see party entry again)

Of course there's a lot more especially as some of these only keep me out of trouble or add to collections without really changing my life. My TV is also currently awaiting a circuit diagram before a resistor can be fitted but presumably will avoid me needing a new one just yet. At the end of the month the PC is swapping the 40gb drive (full besides the partition) for a 350 or 500gb job so should also last a good few years. The PC is a custom made Microsoft job plus my old HDD which is now about to go, meaning it will all be reasonably up to date. Being on the damn thing most of the day (it's educational though) means I need the best stuff as time is business and the slower the more wasted. I could have done with a dual core processor but can't have everything.

Having met someone else from a website over the weekend more are planned next week at a photo exhibition (nerves aside), at least I've been before and quite an easy place to visit. After two years of amateur agoraphobia becoming professional I appreciate every place I get to now, although terrified of the harder ones in advance to various degrees. There are very good reasons I am as it was driven by genuine health problems which turned it from avoiding the worst to avoiding almost everything. I have come across more local people online as well and plan to meet a good few more if they want to. I know I do my best, and when I was OK physically did a heck of a lot more to get me where I am today. And looking ahead when I was 18 would have probably settled for the academic prizes I achieved, although one (master's degree) had to be abandoned I have the rest of the ones I actually needed, the other was purely for pride although may have got me a lecturing job had I tried. I did manage to virtually never do a standup routine when I was teaching, it was a new job and had to behave myself. Maybe if I went along with the fart jokes (some classes managed more than I used to) I may have got more of them under control, but may also have got sacked which never happened.

My hope is now I've seen myself guided in one area the woman, career and social life will follow. I have larger ambitions as well but they are really down to grace, as the masters call it.

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