Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How intuition works

I actually abandoned a post on my other blog today as it was so similar to the previous one it wasn't adding anything new. It's as much about making it interesting but not every day is. I can get away with more here though as it's my own site, and can find regardless of my life at the time something turns up when I open the box.

Nothing's really wrong at the moment which is something in itself, and it's only the articles which weren't published that died when planted, although they were no different to my others this time I was trying to get paid for them. It's clearly not the quality but the competition as there's a great demand for anything provided it's free. Women however are not related to talent or much else, and past successes make no different the next time you want one. I can almost see myself getting every other ambition besides enlightenment and still being on my own. And it has to be the right person as the wrong one is worse than nothing.
One thing I wouldn't say in other places is how I continue to see things more clearly than most. It's not boasting, rather someone who has good eyesight gradually realising most people haven't. It wasn't that I thought I was better than others, but what I saw was the same as everyone else. I've proved that wrong over time as eliminated people one by one who couldn't understand things I thought were obvious. Not difficult things I'd worked out because I was cleverer than them, but simple clear things they just can't see. Unfortunately that doesn't make me particularly intelligent but makes most people incredibly thick. No other explanation, is there?

Half though is intuition more than intelligence. I realise things long before any incriminating evidence comes out. I've tested it long enough to accept things I know through intuition are as good as any other, but means I can't prove it to anyone else. It's the same as any other personal experience, you own it but can't show it to others. People who claim to experience god can't share it with a soul as it's meaningless to others. It's not something you can pass on or demonstrate. I have similar situations with many areas, and although I started assuming everyone saw these things as I did soon found out I was in a minority. I reckon others who have intuition will at least accept the reality of my own, so will say as they trust intuition then they can trust the fruits of it. I can tell criminals, liars, scams, false claims, the best women in bed, decent people, what many animals are thinking and feeling, and many more things more or less as clearly as we receive direct information, but no one would believe me as I can't show them why. If I'm around long enough the evidence often follows, and if I could find someone who trusted me enough could be employed to sort people out before they knew enough about them.

I wouldn't be rude enough to mention any of the negative names I've noticed in the public eye (besides Al Gore who has been caught already), but can happily share some of the people I trust simply because they seem like I can. These include politicians on the opposite side but decent people nonetheless. People like Michael Portillo and William Hague on the conservatives (one who has just been given the first chance to prove himself), Johnny Ball and David Bellamy who campaign (as scientists) against the global warming scam, Vince Cable of the Liberals, Enoch Powell (despite the media smear campaigns against him), and many more few will be likely to know, now unless any of these are so bad they work hard at looking good and have caught me then I'd still give myself the benefit of the doubt. As people I've known personally seem to pass the test and never let me down I'd say it should work for strangers as well. If it works it should work for everybody.

But one thing about intuition is it can't be taught or learnt. It just seems to be there. I've known certain things all my life without any experience to find it out, and added more and more as I've gone along. Now if indeed we are everything, or at least connected to it all then it's part of us so bound to know it. Many people ignore their own as it gets them into trouble when they make a claim and then get caught as they can't prove it. The answer is not to ignore it but don't bother telling others, but just use the information yourself. If people can't accept the highest form of knowledge it doesn't mean you should give up using it, just not to waste it on them. You'll still know and use it, and if you spot a crook or a good person you can trust then you will benefit by acting on it, but try showing others how you can tell? I spotted two myself, one I found within minutes had a decent criminal record and the other ripped off his friend costing him his business. These people were partners in crime and not a decent bone in their body. Pure psychopathic nastiness. One did me a small favour once but balanced against all the nasty comments over the years was hardly enough to make him a different person. And the good people have never let me down either, it does seem there are extremes although most people are a mixture.

Well that's today's lesson, I hadn't a clue what to write when I started but clearly my intuition led me here in the first place, that's how it works.


Yaar Biriah said...

Nicely put. I can relate to this! Yes, I've also come to the conclusion that the majority are thick.. not that they lack the mental potential but simply because they are not paying attention, they are not even trying to hone the sensitivity of their intellect. That has apparently become unpopular,'uncool' in many quarters. I agree we cannot teach intuition but we can sharpen it simply by trusting it and using it, exercising it.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Enoch Powell was VERY correct with his Rivers of Blood speech. He was able, like Winston Churchill, able to foresee world problems tens of years before such happened but politicians and the public ignored him. Enoch Powell would have made a very good Prime Minister, possible better than Churchill who still is in my eyes the BEST Prime Minister that The British Empire ever had. Oh how I would like to have a copy of his four volume A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. I did read many years ago a lot of it as a friend had it.

David said...

It's far better to have the intuition but a right pain when you keep getting challenged on it. People won't accept you 'just know something'- if you can't prove it they aren't having it. And you hardly ever if at all are there when they find out you are right. I am still waiting for Al Gore to join Bernie Madoff in prison for 150 years for fraud. He has stolen many times more than Madoff did and is still treated like the second coming. People see what they want to.

Roger, my grandma was always Labour but thought Enoch Powell was one of the best politicians around. You can recognise decency and honesty in anyone and daring to say what others think but keep quiet is a valuable quality in itself. He'd have probably been imprisoned for saying it under the last Labour government, it was getting more like Cuba every day.