Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spiritual methods compared

I'm doing video blogs now, and quite different from these as I have to do it in one go (I do here but can pause for thought) and let it flow. So today I thought I'd see what satsang would flow here as I'm in a gap in the day and a good test for my own connecti0n.

So far I am not quite there. I have many ambitions and although reached the business lot on the level of survival haven't got the personal/social at all and just crept into the business extras. There are so many different approaches to success, the western one of killing yourself and hope you make it somehow, the spiritual of tuning into success energy and witchcraft. As I don't trust witchcraft and am too old and tired to kill myself any more then I'm left with the spiritual. I also believe the delay in many teachings and the lack of clear explanations is more to hold on to students than anything practical. I think any method which actually works has the power to transform almost immediately, and can be taught in minutes. I've spent hundreds of pounds and many hours checking them all out and see various themes and like enlightenment think any method which works will get you there sooner or later.
Mind you, some who appear to succeed still don't seem that happy or healthy even when they get their aims, so maybe we are destined to suffer until enlightened, as all the success and failure is in duality and tends to attract opposing energy whichever you have.

But while I'm in duality I have to use the tools within it and carry on the meditations to enlightenment in case they ever work. I am finding at the moment whatever I achieve I slip back soon afterwards, illustrating that exact point. Whether the average is improving I can't tell, only the guidance and connection has to be there so if that is the case then however bad things get they are not what they seem. Looking in more detail at the killing myself scenario that would involve taking other people's advice although I've done it all before with little or no success. Joining social and educational groups will get you one new friend if you're really lucky, and lots more anonymous people who are just around and mean nothing to you. I go to the gym a few times a week though and although made no new friends have plenty of people I talk to after 7 years even if none yet outside there. But no women as per. I did go to a party recently and the one apparently single woman was averagely attractive, peculiar and probably left wing. Besides living in the arse end of London that was not a winning formula plus she was half my age, as by the time she gets to 30 however weird is bound no longer to be single.

These represent the reality of 'making more effort'. It's quality not quantity, and the right people tend to turn up anyway and even if you go out five nights a week as I used to you don't find more- in fact many of the same people appear a few times as it's not that many people locally who bother with these places. But so many people believe this is possible, although one did just change her mind to agree that if you go out with the intention it's more likely to happen regardless of what you do. I actually think it's easier to develop spiritually as you can practice as much as you like, compared to socially. My media work is also aimed at a social life though as if people recognise you then they're more likely to come and talk to you, and there are always the groupies. Look at Woody Allen to know as long as you're known then just being famous is enough for many women. Not for men mind you, we stick to the basics.

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