Friday, May 14, 2010

What would Jesus do?

I've had a new phase this week, being stressed by rude people. But again it was sent to train me both to deal with it in the best ways (as Buddha taught) and not to be affected by it. And of course until you do you just keep getting more. I hope now I've seen it that part is now over.
I'm free now otherwise- work is so rare it really makes me tired now when it happens, yesterday and today. But then when I piss around I don't feel so guilty afterwards so if I can I always will.

I'm finding one by one people are starting to listen to me. I'd carry on regardless as before the internet there were few chances to communicate and I have more than most (have you noticed?). We hardly ever know the effect we've had or the results but if you have information you may as well be dead if you keep it to yourself. So far though I've added more to the old sign collection than I could have hoped for, and learnt to see the connections in everything. It's still very rare and need to remind myself either it is or it isn't whether or not I'm hardly ever aware of it. We have to progress to the level where we are and very few have.
So whether or not I've chosen it I have a role here, I'm slowly finding new friends here who actually live locally. I haven't met any yet but have one at the weekend which is a start. I ws lucky the last couple of days the usual sort of unwelcome arrangements were also misplaced by the work I'd had booked, so covered two areas as well as one. They can always wait.

So, I'm free, haven't got a clue what I'll be doing besides more gardening sooner or later, keep Streetviewing as always (a 40 mile trip to Surrey last weekend was well worth it), and the rest is outside my control. Both articles I sent off this year were responded to with silence, but I think when people are paying then it's no different from having a book published, it's not how good you are but what they are looking for at the time. And I must accept my ego does enjoy recognition as that's how we're all made. I won't miss being enlightened if I feel a sense of achievement for everything I've reached by my own efforts. I would expect most masters still have a pretty large ego whatever they teach or claim as satisfaction is also a built in mechanism as a reward for our success. If there is none then what's the point? And why speak to people if you don't enjoy doing it?

Well that's where I'm up to today. I don't ask for trouble to turn up on Facebook but programmed not to avoid it when it arrives. Keeping silent when you have a contribution is no better than being one of the troublemakers. It brings me exponential amounts of trouble in return but then again at least one lost sheep I know has now returned to the fold, and it was my doing. My first saved soul, why not gain satisfaction from that? I bet Jesus did until he got used to it.

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