Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They are running the asylum

All or nothing. Two days running here. It's been business as usual, even the good parts are part of a larger routine which leaves me apparently exactly where I was before. It's like the endless chores in Greek mythology where the amount of water escaping from the bucket was always equal to the amout put in. I'd really like more than a few moments of pleasure per week interspersed with the rest but who wouldn't? I keep adding to my life, creating more, and currently the only thing that hasn't been added to is holidays, but they weren't that much better (when they were) than being here at the time so I'm not missing anything- I'm far happier having the freedom from work right here at home as long as I've got people to share it with. I've been to ten countries and plenty of my own and I'm still there wherever my body is, if you get the meaning. Failing my exams while I was in Chicago was no better than anywhere else I'd have found out. It's like treading in dogshit. Treading in Thai or Mexican dogshit is no better than London, and going elsewhere for a week or two to live your life wandering around exploring someone else's local area has no more going for it than having the same time off and looking around your own.
Having the digital camera made me discover so many places in London as I had the unlimited potential to take photos and no inclination to go elsewhere. Plus there's more chance knowing people and places locally you may actually like. Total hit and miss abroad.

So I have the freedom here, using it more again and adding more experience, but maybe it is all a dream and nothing's actually happened anyway. I've also given up wasting my time trying to teach anyone a thing about politics as they have already made up their minds and even if they all changed them the politicians would do exactly the same crimes. Al Gore's stolen many times more than Bernie Madoff (as he's been named a liar in a British court I don't think any money gained from said lies can be anything else than theft) yet he's still free to steal more as he shares it with the very politicians he's bribed to keep him safe. Believe me, obtaining money by deception is no different from breaking into your house and stealing it, the end result's the same, you are poorer and they are richer. If some sod turns up at your door saying they want money for orphans and end up keeping it they are clearly guilty of stealing it with false representations. Now claiming our money will stop the climate from going crazy is no more real than it's going to be burnt in the centre of hell to stop the earth from freezing. In fact burning all the cash we've given away in said cause would only change the climate if it was all put in a huge pile and burnt. But they won't do that will they.

So back to yesterday's theme, people accept theft as they are too thick to check. They are too thick to realise our rulers are no better than they are and will rob them as much as they can get away with. They'd rape you as well if they could. Some do in fact if you check your world history. Making a mistake through lack of knowledge is how we learn. Being given the knowledge and rejecting it is why we are ruled by thieves and rapists. As they know the majority of people will accept whatever 'authority' tells them then they can allow aspartame to rot everyone's organs, GM food to slowly destroy the world's DNA until it all falls apart (this isn't a guess, the stuff can easily be tested to see the damage it inevitably causes over time as it degenerates), and test chemicals on soldiers and civilians without their knowledge. Oh, they are murderers as well. Of course they are. Murder can be in many forms, and taking away money for sanitation and clean water projects in the third world to go on solar power will kill more people in a day than global warming even claims to in an imaginary future. The water borne diseases are what keep third world birth rates enormous as they breed like rabbits in order to replace the huge number of babies who die within a year just like salmon. So they are stealing and murdering while the idiots protest outside parliament actually telling the politicians they aren't stealing enough. The morons don't realise they are asking more people to die of hypothermia as they can no longer afford to heat their homes, let alone the third world aid being diverted to teach the darkies to conserve energy. But being mad or stupid isn't evil, only the leaders here are evil but the masses are actually worse than I realised or they'd have protested worldwide and voted as many of these criminals out when they had a chance. No wonder I seem to stand out most of the time.

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