Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Done my best

Last week was quite a fascinating one as well as busy. I tried a new monthly quiz playing the best players in the world every available hour besides subjects I couldn't do. They said the top 10 players won less those who had it already, plus they had to be in the top 30. Half way through I crossed that line but unlike the global quiz I'd played before (4 1/2 months) once you crossed the final line you were only playing for position. This as soon as you made a ricket could send you down again. I had to learn whether it was better to play for average or total (average raised the placing double at the time) and which subjects to start missing out to save it. In the end I was 27th (on my first attempt) but then discovered although the heading said top 30 the badge was awarded to the whole lot as it had been for most of the time since it began last year. But I'd prefer to do my best and know I would have got it either way so not such a big deal.

But finding a sign which I'd already dreamt about and then seen in an old photo was the most amazing of all, it was partly obscured by a newer crash barrier although legible and appeared to have one end missing but that's probably what saved it that long as it's one I passed all my life but only saw 50 years later. Suits me, better than the few I did know and didn't take before they went. The week ahead is more or less clear so far, haircut tomorrow, no work (I could do with a break actually) and really up to my own devices. I've got a couple more videos to make as well so always keeps me busy when I get those ideas. And then the first election for decades where the result isn't obvious so that should be interesting. Immigration has to be dealt with as does the punitive tax regime based on carbon emissions. And Europe of course, which all the big three agree on like Hitler Goering and Goebbels. So unless people want that lot of sods ruling us which they failed to do after the war then vote for the big three as you are just voting for the European Commission to make 80%+ of our laws. There are smaller parties who would do this and I am voting for one myself (not the BNP but if the big three keep agreeing to destroy the country then they will continue to gain support, not out of racism but desperation). There are alternatives so use them.

I have no idea what's ahead, besides another maths lesson for my not-girlfriend, the only sort I seem to have had for a few years now. I'll keep looking online for the signs, meditate, and whatever else comes to me at the time. I can do no more. Not without wasting effort anyway. I'm only human, as we all are, but I've realised it some while ago.

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