Thursday, May 06, 2010

Teaching the truth

There are still gaps in life, I achieve a lot and then when it's done there's nothing. The election tomorrow may be the first interesting one in nearly 40 years, and today's lesson was it's better to stay around locally than go out for miles just because I've got free time but no ideas. So tomorrow besides a probable trip to M&S for food (not my money, it's a voucher) I won't feel guilty doing sod all else. It's the lack of people and not the lack of activity that needs fixing, as activity is over each time and back to whatever I had before plus anything I may have collected while away. Fleas. Mucus, whatever...

The video blog has been revived due to new demand on youtube/satguru, if you want to see me at it as well I'll be doing them from time to time there as well now. That is totally improvised and feel there is going to be some satsang going on whether I'm enlightened or not, it's just there. And regardless of enlightenment there is clear sight. Some is from experience and some is innate, and combined then each area you see is clearer as you go along, while others are still caught in illusions like email scams or bogus news. Once it clicks it's so fucking obvious you want to kill everyone who still believes it sometimes, and resisting that urge I patiently explain it only to be told I'm an idiot or a wanker. Thanks, but truth is truth and if you don't like it doesn't stop it being the only thing there is. You create a false scenario from nothing which uses truth from other areas to hold it up as a framework, while the frame is covered in nothing. You can't create a truth where there is none. God is the only real grey area as is its nature, and only fairly recently have I been able to realise that it's both unknowable and none of my concern either way.

I'm not often knowingly rude to sheep or idiots, and basically mentally dismiss them as children who may never mature, like human larvae mentally. I was the same of course, but somehow when I saw the way the magician cheated me a few times I could see how it worked in most other areas with a little patience. Faith is the enemy of truth, and my only faith is in my own intuition as it's been tested enough to trust now. It's not always right but the stronger it feels the more likely it is. Once in a blue moon someone reminds me I am able to do this, 99.99% of the time everything I say is ignored as people either already know it so haven't learnt anything new or are in denial so much even if I shoved the truth up their arse they wouldn't realise it. And you get zero points for effort. But knowing the truth and not giving people the chance to say they had a choice is worse than wasting your time. So I keep going, and when asked how I know I'm not wrong, the easiest answer is I trust my intuition. I have the stats and evidence as well most of the time, but that's mainly for them plus to confirm I'm not lost, but they don't look at evidence when they have faith, the two are apparently mutually exclusive.

One thing that is real though- Al Gore's billions. And you fuckers have given it to them. Bite on that.

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