Friday, June 18, 2010

Back despite non events

Besides an incredibly efficient trip to the dentist (quick, no injection, no pain) not a lot's happened since last time but if I start then something should still happen here. A lot to do at grandma's house tomorrow so no other plans besides that, but it has to be done. It's on the market now but no offers yet. But I'll always appreciate the freedom after 2 weeks waiting for dental appointments, the hygienist follows but nothing worrying there. Of course I'd still like more but hopefully more content with all there actually is.

I've been relaxing on twitter for a week or so taking the total piss out of the climate change mob. The total dross they link as if it's from the new New Testament by Jesus Gore himself is like watching the lunatics in Victorian asylums. I even start to believe it after a while, like hospital visitors do in psychiatric wards, but like them, it wears off soon after I leave. The clairvoyant drivel they spout, where thousands of academics paid for by you and me spend a few days in a hotel somewhere in a tourist spot guessing what may happen so they can get governments to do more (actually it's 'steal' more) to stop it happening, tells me every time why I do all I can to wake these total witless babies up. They don't think at all. Stop and look at the data. You can't see ahead in an open system, it may get you the weather over a few days (not in the UK though) as it's travelling in a fairly predictable direction, but that's the best they can do. Sea level predictions, despite being a few inches a century since Jesus lived, hook in all the poor sods who don't realise the only measurement that counts is today's compared with the past. If that's the same as it always has been then forget what they tell you as they don't have the ability to know, it's outside our scope.

But I've picked up a handful of followers there this week and a few compliments so not all wasted effort, and it's fun. I'm not trying to be rude or hurt anyone, it's similar to the army trying to defuse a ticking bomb, but with humour. They want to blow up civilised society to stop the climate blowing up civilised society, except the difference being they can do it and have already done a bloody good job. Apart from China there's no legislation on population, and none I know banning building on flood plains. If you built on a minefield and then moaned when a mine went off everyone would turn their backs and walk away, yet when whole cities are built in the mouths of river deltas and the like it's our job to subsidise them if they go under. That's not a fair deal is it? And not being a scientist I'm not going to learn the science they are using to guess the effects of a little more CO2 as it's degree level, but the difference between the equations they do present and common sense allow me to take them apart after the event. I do want a scientist to help me but they don't grow on trees.

So to follow the 2,500 scientists sent to throw dice to imagine future sea levels long after we're all dead, I'll think of a few plans of my own. I'm looking down every road within 40 miles in case more old signs turn up, writing articles from time to time, have three official forms to fill in over the next week or two, and meditating more again which may even have caused me to feel a lot calmer recently. I'll book up the check up now I'm free so I can get another supply of tablets, an eye test which I doubt will provide anything new but at least is free. I used to have a few pairs of frames but since I need £100+ lenses it's just the essentials. I had a plastic frame option as I prefer them but since they broke they're all metal now but very good ones. The photochromics are in a gold pair I got for £10 plus lenses, as I can still find frame bargains but can't afford the extra pairs of lenses to fill them now. If there's anything else I can't think of it, besides a football friendly or two next month when the pre season starts. Now I'll see what everyone else has written, I've got to get used to looking here now as well.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

As an observer of the climate change debate I am very concerned how those Vuvuzelas being used at the Football World Cup in South Africa will cause major climate changes world-wide. These trumpet things emit a very high pitch sound that can be received by clouds and change the proton-neutron magnostacity of the clouds which can thus cause extreme thunderous weather many hundred of miles from where the Vuvuzelas are being played. Severe flooding will be caused which in turn will flow to the sea and cause the rising of the sea level. The silt etc flowing into the sea will cause new islands to be formed.
I will be doing my full report soon and presenting it to the Royal Society prior to it being published in Nature for my peers to give their comment.

Please I urge you to inform Grand Master Al Gore of the world weather problems that these obnoxious Vuvuzelas are causing. I urge your readers to make their vice heard world-wide to get these trumpet things banned.

David I ask that you devote your next blog to the subject of the Vuvuzela. Thank you.