Friday, June 25, 2010

The story so far...

I can't go out as I'm waiting for a washing machine to be delivered, hot and sunny and a job to do but not yet. So with Brazil playing Portugal (I think both have qualified so probably not worth watching) I return here.

My global warming campaign is reaching a conclusion. I've been given a simple mission, to find the figures to bust apart the CO2 equation. Not being a scientist, even though to most intelligent people it's painfully obvious a small increase in a trace gas with a low warming potential can't be measured in its effects, but I'm not a scientist with the numbers to show it, and am asking them one by one until I can get one to help.

I am hopefully now able to look at the world in a totally different way. If there's an intelligence guiding everything then we really don't have a lot of say in what happens as when it chooses to provide then it does it with no work at all from us. And apparently when it chooses not to then we are wasting our time trying to change it. Ideally we'd choose what we want and then let the system provide it for us but that's what we all want. But the minimum now would be able to communicate with that power and bring in more information to make things I do easier.

For instance. I don't want to see the global warmists win. Our lives would be in poverty, all energy would be rationed and we'd have a rich elite and poor masses just like Cuba or Soviet Russia. And worst of all the liars would have won. Might is Right is fine for Goebbels but we don't want a repeat of Nazi Germany worldwide this time do we?
I've now had two dreams of the red triangle signs. So far every dream of a sign has soon been followed by the real one, so there's no reason why this should be any different. It was the first sign I was aware of as on the same block where I lived and still there until around 2005. I have three so far, but one is damaged, another is a text only rather than a picture as well and the third is a modern replica. I still need a complete graphic one like the one near me, and thank goodness I have an identical one as well but without a triangle, but got the main part I needed.
Someone did just find one in the worst part of London to get to, but was removed last year. I don't know if that was good or bad, plus there are three direction signs on the same road, but too late to care now. I've been Streetviewing for it constantly with no result, but the last one I got was found by someone else and I'd already looked along that road but was covered by a tree. Again, it came to me rather than me doing the work. Patience needed apparently.

So today is apparently guided to keep me at home till the last minute, whether there's a reason or not I won't know till later, but a good way to show me another example. The system can't have it both ways once it's revealed itself.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Global warming and climate change is now BACK on the agenda here in Australia with our new un-elected Prime Minister Julia Gillard, born in Barry, Wales UK. She has promised to make CARBON EMISSIONS TAX an IMPORTANT part of her government. As there will be Federal election in the next few months the un-fortunate thing is that this FIRST WOMAN Prime Minister of Australia will be riding on a high with many Australians for being a woman and for having deposed of now former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who was forced to drop the Carbon Emissions Tax. In Australia we have compulsory voting and the stupid preferential voting system this means that the Green Party voters who were turning against giving their second preference vote to the Labor Party because of Mr Rudd and this would have stopped him getting elected will now because of the new Prime Minister and her promise to introduce the Carbon Emissions Tax the Green Party will now ask their supporters to give their second preference vote to the Labor Party candidates and thus Labor will win the election.
New Zealand already has the stupid tax. Once Australia gets it many other countries will follow. The climate change debate is NOT finished it is rising from the ashes.

Vicki said...

Hi David
Thanks for your comment over on Lynn's blog. But I'm confused. I'm also hoping that since this comment is not on your topic, you can delete it if you wish. I'm really new to blogs - last week I started an affiliate marketing course, and you know the rest about how I got on Lynn's blog. The Linden Method sounds so good, so I'm trying to get my head around why people wouldn't jump at it. I also don't know what you mean by 'the usual rate'? You can leave me a comment at my site if you prefer.

David said...

Hello Vicki, thanks for replying. I'd never heard of the Linden Method till I read your entry, but the point was that it's not considered good form to use other people's blogs for spam/adverts as it's not fair. What I meant by the going rate was that if you want to advertise a product then you should pay the site owner for doing so rather than use the comments as an opportunity to slip one in.

I also googled the Linden Method and found more or less word for word what you'd written on about 50 other sites set up by Linden for advertising the method made to look independent, plus your blog links directly to his site so I presume you are either Mr Linden himself or one of his many staff otherwise you wouldn't be linked to his site.

David said...

Roger, it's never going to be an easy ride beating the system, I see 90% of the world agreeing with this before one or two start to question it. Whether that'll even be in time to stop the damage done is debatable but we won't give up until we're all using candles and riding horses to the shops.