Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Total psychic control

I have my freedom now and making the best of it. I've had no actual ideas since and been busy working at my late grandparents', as I expect to most days this week, but my teeth are OK. One thing I have discovered is I can class myself as an intuitive now as seen enough proved correct to know it. The number of things I can simply know regardless of why or how, which then become exactly as I saw them has shown me I am not just intuitive as we all are, but in touch with it.

Here's another example of the world of films becoming the world of my own. I dreamed about a broken sign to the North Circular Road near me and thinking it's got a bit missing but a very good one. Then I saw the real one in a book, assuming that was the dream's purpose. Then I drove to the end of a road I use every week or so leading to the North Circular (I live half a mile from it) and as I had to wait longer than usual for the traffic suddenly caught sight of the exact sign including missing end as the dream, hidden partly behind a central barrier added since. As I had no recollection of ever having seen it (you can't see it passing by as hidden) it seems that something had shown me everything it could do.

It: 1) Knew where the sign was
2) Knew I needed to know
3) Was able to show me in a dream
4) Was able to arrange for me to find it

That covers every single aspect of life. Telepathy, omniscience and creation. It only leaves the question who is the infinite intelligence which was able to do this? It's either a higher part of me or an external intelligence. Either way it's awesome and means it can do this for everything else as well. It's not yet anything I have any say in, I'm just the observer, but knowing that the whole of life is apparently arranged by a single intelligence means it's all being moved around whatever we think we're doing. Think of the implications of that.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I believe that we humans were telepathic upto about 1,000 - 2,000 years ago but since then as we have evolved that part of the brain has gradually been put into rest or changed to something else. Humans like many animals, birds had telepathy to migrate, to bond, to communicate. Telepathy was the original and still the best way to communicate quickly and over long distances. It was through such that our sciences and manual development like building and making things, was able to be passed onto others. Likewise we humans do have, like birds and most animals a magnet in the bridge of our nose which gives us direction and is attracted to the north or south magnetic poles yet again over the thousands of years as humans have become static and built villages, towns and cities this magnet like telepathy has no need and thus gradually disappears. Yet in the future when space travel over billions of miles and kms there will become the need to use telepathy to communicate over such distances as telepathy probably travels at a speed great than the speed of light.
I have been a known telepathic for over 60 years and in the 1940's and 1950's I and a friend were involved in many medical etc tests about our ability to do such. The USA, UK and Russia are still conducting tests on such and even using animals and whether humans can use telepathy to communicate with animals. Anyone interested in learning more can give this link a try and then go on from there with various searches.

Garry Souders said...

David it is good to know I can still read your stuff.

David said...

I'm very impressed with your ability Roger, mpst telepathics (me included) are lucky to get snippets, hardly any have full conversations. It's partly practice but mainly natural ability.
Good to see you here Garry and that so many people followed me here. I'd have linked it before but you know the rules on profanity...