Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Keeping very not busy

All or nothing here but since the rain started and I had stuff to do indoors this becomes one of them as well. Work tomorrow as well so being a good boy for a change. The dentist is a week from now which isn't too bad considering, and must get on with a normal life as possible till then, which I'm just about getting used to after nearly 5 years since the previous visit.
Beyond that there isn't anything known, and tomorrow is covered unlike yesterday. All I knew was making the appointment and the rest of the day was free, and as raining saved me thinking where to go. Next I'll be delivering my late grandma's medical items back to the hospital, and probably taking some really dodgy pictures while I'm there. If anything nice (beyond my highly respectable monthly and global quiz scores at the end of last month, ie today) happens to divert more of my attention all the better.

One thing I always say as it's the biggest gap in my life is if everything else was identical except there was someone else around the house life would be normal again. I only have to talk here as it's the only way there is. I'm not wasting time waffling on the phone like I used to just because it's there, when you have a person around you don't talk all the time but knowing they're in the house and could if you want to is all you need. I honestly wonder if that will ever happen unless I pay someone, and tenants don't count, it really has to be someone you know and want to share with or it's even worse.
I don't have a single solution. I make the best of what there is and anything else isn't. Eventually you run out of things to do to keep busy but life provides plenty long before that happens.

So I am currently imagining the week ahead, the parts I know for sure and the likely parts in between. I expect no better and have no intention of wasting any time thinking of how, but just go with the flow. It may be just what sewage does, but there are similarities. At least in the last couple of years I've done more or less all the things I should be (besides the fairly unnecessary holidays nowadays), so within this area and around I'm doing whatever I couldn't for a while so really haven't become totally isolated from life like I was for longer than anyone should. But I appreciate every little thing I do now since I couldn't.

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