Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It's just been survival since the last entry, someone visiting next door hit my car on saturday so more shit to deal with there, I discovered that the ISP give you a modem cable for the non-cable line I use which lets through a fraction of the data, I spent £7 on a decent one and its a good few times faster. If only one type of cable works then why the bloody hell not just supply them automatically? I've wasted years using that one and had Belkin not advertised these I'd never have known.

Two days till D day now (ie for dentist), I'm ok really so just getting on with other things. I saw what could have been an old sign on Streetview (the variation is almost impossible to tell) and got there (on a private road) to find the whole pole had gone despite being outside the regulations. It was for a car park and they still have one, but apparently the builders there must have driven into it or something equally stupid. I did manage to meditate two days running though so don't feel so guilty on that front. You'll never know if it's going to work unless you keep doing it, and my research tells me there isn't any better method. If anything's going to happen it'll be doing this.
Now I'm on Twitter I'm taking the piss out of global warmists, partly as they deserve it and partly maybe they'll realise it's a complete joke when pointed out often enough. The claims they make are laughable had they come from a mental patient, but from the UN who make all our governments charge us for absolutely nothing is far from funny. If Yellowstone went off and dropped the world temperature by a few degrees would they still say it was only temporary and we had to keep dismantling the industrial society as we are currently? (except in the east). It's not a decent world at the moment at all.

So my current plans are 1) Survive today 2) Survive tomorrow (free at the moment unless called to do more work at my late grandma's) and 3) Survive the dentist. Pretty simple really. And please god get it all done in the one visit. Then there's my weekly wednesday booking and then someone coming over. And the World Cup starting on friday plus Big Brother's last series ever wednesday night. Anything more will be welcome but not expected. Any more and Robby can't answer that (Robby Vincent who used to be on the radio here). I miss all the old ones, it's 30 years since I started listening to the phone ins and only Clive Bull is left besides Steve Allen who doesn't take calls and is on when even I'm asleep. Of course nothing lasts.

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