Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome Funtrivia

I don't think Terry will be reading this as well but would have been a nice twist. I started this blog in June 2004 after almost a year trying to find a site (it wasn't so easy to locate things back then), so god forbid anyone's that bothered there's a lot of material back in the archives. And since certain people I followed used rude words it was hard to read, respond and not join them just like Facebook. Especially when Al Gore's on the agenda.

Not that much to report since the last entry (it's been a while for me), but with dental bookings it tends to focus me on survival more than anything else, it's the way I was designed. The car is due to be collected this week with a replacement at the same time but they haven't called to arrange the day yet. Occupied till Thursday with some work at least, and like the previous week not bothered after that. I hope the Funtrivia members shifted from there all find me and join in, it became dead here after blogger dropped the interest and other links for about a year, and my daily hits fell from 50 a day to 10 average, and that's never recovered even though they've been back for ages. But 10 visits a day is enough to carry on and not talking to no one.

So there's a wide lack of inspiration at the moment, from inside or outside. Nothing's expected (although it very rarely is), and will just see what happens when I get there. You can only do your best of course.


Beth T. said...

I'm here - hi, David!

David said...

Hi Beth, at least Blogger will gain from this, and will be interesting to see the blogs without the requirement for such discretion!