Saturday, June 05, 2010

Seeing the light

Life goes on. It's been a harmless but predictable week, a little work, a few photos and the usual arrangements in between. The news has been a little better inasmuch as Newsweek (a great mouthpiece for the IPCC until now) has now stated 'The connection between the sensitivity to CO2 and temperature increases is no longer clear enough to know we are affecting the climate'. Well no shit Sherlock, if they have finally given in and said what many other scientists have been saying all along then regardless of the momentum continuing elsewhere this is more or less like Al Gore making a sequel called 'A fucking inconvenient mistake'. Honestly. The beginning of the end.

I'm in no mood for stress, and at least not actually that worried about the dentist now, it's not a major construction this time and a nice place so just have preferred a quick resolution but am ok with it for now. My nerves have been all over the place for half my life and tablets have helped a lot but had to be changed and never found anything as good when the side effects forced the issue. I have no problem with my normal life, currently panic for unusual arrangements but nearly always go, and just distance restricted for now which is probably the commonest symptom of agoraphobia there is. But although 40 miles seems nothing compared to the past it's a lot more than most can do. Still a damn limit though and would be nice to lose at least some more of it.

Alex Jones explained the Bilderberg Group on the radio last night, the people who rule the planet and sole aim to turn the human race into their slaves. An article today said due to the internet people are finally waking up and may ruin their plans. Thank god for that eh? Even my small efforts (I know how many people read this and my other messages) have informed at least a few people that global warming isn't what they tell us, and authorities deliberately try and hurt us to get what they want, they are not there for our benefit, never were, never will be. They see themselves as a superior elite who want to control the world (hence now released plans for a world government) and stop us being free and spoiling their fun. But now everyone can share and network it can't last much longer. A few thousand people may read David Icke's books, but millions read the internet every day. Each single person who learns the IPCC are only using information which supports the conclusion they have decided they want, or people are giving their carbon offsets to big businesses to do with as they please means we are doing our job well. For instance in 5 years when we have the next election, if enough people realise this then they'll want to vote for a party not collecting green taxes as they know they are going to big business worldwide. With five years freedom to do so our energy prices will rise so much (as Bilderberg planned) people will be so poor they will only care about survival. And realise it was the green taxes and no recession that did it.

Back to this life, my ex from the north is in London and threatening to turn up tomorrow but I don't think it'll happen now and I'm not in the right state to be pushed around all afternoon at the moment. Absolutely no other plans now, ideas or much else, but that's half my life. This week was fine really and I suppose just one major shift on global warming made it a profit. Do I expect too much? Seeing everyone else with their friends and family while I am privileged to see mine when I do I probably don't. The Emmerdale plane has crashed on Kingsbury, killing off 80% of the cast and only leaving a handful of old originals too spread out to form a community. A rare guest appearance from the few who survived but moved away and that's it. The rest is pretty much the same as everyone else- I'm not famous and neither are most other people, I'm trying to be, or at least get some more media work, and so are many others. That's a luxury, friends and family never should be. Things can always change but I'm not in charge there.

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