Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A mess of ideas

I'm currently being taught by someone from Facebook- I had reached a point where everything about my progress had stuck, and rather than wait and see what happened am being given little ways I may be able to free that progress up. Otherwise life is pretty much as usual, my time is being booked up now for each day, all routine stuff but at least avoids me staying here on the computer or having to think of places to go on my own.

There may well be a single intelligence behind everything which makes anything happen, once you see that it's no easier, but can see there has to be more. You can learn the same thing in hard or easy ways in many cases, I am getting a bit too old for the hard way now, I do believe it's probably possible to do nothing the hard way but that is reserved for a few only. The minimum of suffering is required at the beginning just to appreciate the lack of it, but from then on the memory of it should be enough. You shouldn't need to suffer for a sense of achievement, but for the achievement itself. That intelligence has already demonstrated to me what it can do, and so far all by the grace of god, ie at god's will unrelated to what I do or not. A good start but it's easy to forget that's there when everything returns to how it was before. I do look for more in it now but if something's so small you can't be sure it's even there it's not enough to know.

Each situation you're in, especially the bad ones have a timescale, but you can't know it in advance. It appears it will never change, some don't and others suddenly stop. I've been living on my own now 18 years and may well for the rest of my life. We have world governments restricting our lives for the climate, that may change but maybe not within my lifetime. Our roads have humps like cancer, one borough has started removing them but no others. That has changed but only marginally and locally. But there's no inherent clues how long each situation will last. Some are clearly built on shakier foundations than others but are propped up to keep them from being swept away by that. I can't bear to hear lies being treated like truth and the people telling them being treated like heroes. The day Al Gore goes behind bars will be the day the world wakes up, he represents everything which is wrong with society in every single culture on earth. He is a one person example of greed, manipulation, hypocrisy, and being rewarded for doing so. If money was the cure to global warming he could have fixed it with his own if he really believed it, but he sells himself to spread his brand of religion and keeps every penny for Gore industries. That aside, I see the outer blockages reflected in me as inner blockages. Neither seem to shift at will and sometimes you turn round one day and see they've gone. I talk about it partly as by doing so it focuses the mind on it and may allow a solution to pop up.

So it's one of those rare periods where I have no problems and no presents. Just time. I learn a little but not enough to change anything. I have a collection of people who need me, either occasionally or all the time, and although they mean no harm can become a real pest when I get little or nothing in return. Not even from them as takers are rarely givers as well, but even from many givers. Rather than a return system it's a chain, we each help those below us and in turn are helped by those above us. It's rare for people to be able to work as equals and not fair to expect anything back from the people who are tuned in to taking. I'd love to tell each one in turn to give me a break, but as they have no idea they're doing it would only take it personally and cut me off. Unfortunately these make up nearly all the people I mix with at the moment so it's them or nothing. And the fact I am patient with them means they also assume I don't mind the time spent on their issues, and while others probably make excuses or change their phone numbers I do give the impression I'm happy to listen unless I'm watching TV. If they actually responded to any of the things I suggest it would be better but mostly it's a rubbish dumping exercise and although they seem to want help and advice can't seem to do what they do to get into trouble in any other way. The problems return and they come back to me (and maybe others as well). We all have a few but at the moment it seems no one else wants to call.

So far the next two days have no potential excitement, but then again excitement rarely gives itself any advance warning. You can find a gold ring in a dog turd but would rather someone else wiped it off before I touched it. I don't know if I look for fuel to be cynical or am being fairly reasonable under the circumstances. If whatever came to me in the last dream with a gift can do it once then was it something I did or was it just my turn? But I know it's there now so it can't turn its back and pretend it's not there any more. I don't think I'd take advantage of any power now, I think I can handle it safely.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I have turned away from the belief of an intelligent designer, (Creator/God) because I look at the universal failures that such if it existed has done. Look at these two diverse examples. Both show what a waste maker and evil destroyer the so called intelligent designer (Creator/God) is such exists.
1) The universe has billions of billions of billions of stars (suns) all these are creating and then destroying life and each other. They expand, explode, implode etc it is TOTAL chaos and all about creating new things just to destroy such. What a waste!
2) Look at us humans, can include other animals and birds as well if you like but I will just stick for this example us humans. We destroy other forms of life to provide us with food and drinks just so that we can live. Having consumed this other life we then expel it through our bodies as waste matter, shit and urine, and we then use more life matter in the form of toilet paper and water to get rid of it having used via destruction materials to make toilets. Then more materials are destroyed to get the shit and urine to a sewage works and then chemicals are added to cleanse it up, all that waste and destruction of things just because the alleged intelligent designer (Creator/God) hasn't the intelligence nor brain to design human bodies, and other things like animals birds etc, to survive on the energy from the Sun direct rather than killing and destroying other life so we have to go through the whole processes I have describe of making more waste which we get rid of using the damn toilet.
Now I think about this every time I use the toilet and I want to ask church ministers of all religions Where is the intelligence in making a stuff-up of the human bodies?
I invite everyone to consider my view that God, hallelujah, if he exists has less intelligence than a blade of grass. He is a damn waste maker and destroyer of things. And so ends my sermon.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Proof of global COOLING. Many parts of Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Alice Springs and rural areas are experiencing the COLDEST WINTER for, depending on the place, 30 to 60 YEARS. Where I live in the wine area of the Barossa Valley it is the COLDEST winter for OVER 30 YEARS. Frosts, frost, and more frost, and we have at least another two weeks more of it to come.
It is being a very expensive Winter for us oldies on the aged pension as we don't get any extra money for winter heating but it is essential that we keep warm. Many, including me, spend a lot of time in bed during the day just so we save electric for heating. And yet this damn Federal Labor government want us to pay MORE tax for a thing called Carbon Emissions. Damn New Zealand have just introduced such a tax. It is coming your country soon if the European Union have their way.

David said...

We had the longest period of cold and snow here in my lifetime last winter. I've been following NZ and Gillard and basically they are all placed there by the UN so one by one the domino effect takes each country. Too late for us, we have the toughest green policies and largest tax in the world.
My only question is how long can they keep it up- we've got wankers protesting outside parliament our taxes aren't high enough. Has that ever happened in history before- that is manipulation to the extreme.

David said...

I came to a similar conclusion but based on parasites and genetic illnesses. Neither are by choice or carelessness but a given. Periods were also quite similar to your excretion.

Looking above the details though the nature of god if real is not in religion, or its rules anyway, but us. God has created us to experience, like writing a film and then playing all the parts. But when he gets bored he then wakes up as himself and we realise we are god having some fun and the bad parts were just for a fuller experience as ultimately they were all harmless. Remember lizards can grow missing limbs back, I'm pretty sure we can as well if we find how to make it happen as we're barely different genetically. But we'll never know god till we find it's within ourselves, many non religious teachings have always said that.