Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back again

I will report the excitement of the last few days of relative freedom- of course I remind myself now to switch from the negative to create a new habit, and this is when there isn't that much wrong to focus on besides a bit of isolation. Besides my usual weekly visitor on Tuesday it's just been me the rest of the time, and with all the major jobs now complete (just an eye test and car service to get done now) can relax with good teeth and enough tablets for some time. The magazine I had to stall as my article went to the new people now has an article I wrote for them and hope they like it.

As it was just on I may as well mention the second TV programme about child genius, the followup after 5 years. If there was no other opportunity to mention it this would be it, as it reminded me so much of my own childhood. I had exactly the same route through playing up at school, being sent to the psychologist and having an impressive IQ. I think all I gained from it was knowing I was sane and clever. A couple of years ago Mensa changed their rules to allow outside tests at any time but my letter (if there ever was one) was long gone. Apart from having to drop the master's degree I think I've more or less fulfilled any potential now, having 40 or so years to see what happened since. And I'm glad I've followed my parents in a variety of areas- law art and music as well as my own as a therapist. And high intelligence appears to stifle social skills so should explain the absence of ability with women. Basically if I like them I do whatever puts them off but if not interested they all want to marry me, all or nothing. I have to fix that before I end up with nothing.

I've still got nothing else planned at the moment, am looking forward to the American elections (first time ever I've taken any notice) as their result is going to send a message to the world either outcome. Not long to go now. It is always nice to have something to look forward to, many are uncertain of course but something on the horizon. I have the usual sort of routine planned out for when I'm free like everyone else on their own as we can't just sit and talk to someone when we're not busy. If the weather's good I usually go for a walk in a park somewhere with the camera if no specific photos to take, and then get on with things at home when I get back whether online or housework related. I did of course see my grandma once or twice a week till last year but 99 years is a pretty good run and couldn't have lasted all my own life obviously. Combined with the main friends lost to the colonies in 2002 and the girlfriend lost to the loony bin soon after that gap has never been adequately filled. Not a complaint for complaint watchers, just descriptive.

And forget about work. For the people who didn't read my job search entry that basically ended some years ago after walking along numerous town centres looking for job notices in windows and dropping off my CV. Bugger all. I was happy to work then as long as part time (all I got since I left college so totally used to it and no more) and even before then the only reason I did work part time was no one employed me full time when I applied. Then I got health problems that made any thought of a job like running a marathon for Douglas Bader (OK, he probably would have on false legs but that's why he got a medal), and as I can manage without more than the work I do from home have no need to start looking again although always seeing if I can add to that amount in any way. But it does leave far more time to occupy usefully and although I do my best after a certain period you do suddenly notice it's very quiet and you can't think of anything particular to do. I must remember that's usually when I meditate as that's what really fixes things better than any other, although seeing any results is another story I have to say.

I don't think I've missed anything else, I've been out in the rain on Tuesday, did some local photos yesterday and went out on the bike today. The spare room is nearly as it should be now and if I can find somewhere for the spare mattress can then make the bed up again. Nothing special but maybe getting more done than I realise?

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