Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progress so far

I'll do today's entry more as a list. I'm trying (with advice) to organise my life more. Look at the good side of everything and see if I can attract it, as per Abraham-Hicks and The Secret.

The garage was closed today so used that glitch to go to the outdoor gym, and then came back and carried on working on the spare room. It should be normal now within a few days after years of storage. I also collected all my global warming data (the flat lines and the hockey sticks for exactly the same periods) and sent it off to see if someone would write an article from it. There is a consistent theme now of massaging raw data to get a hockey stick, Dr Jim Salinger appears to have invented it and may end up barred from any organisation at the very least if gets busted. Madoff got about 120 years and they've ripped off way more than that.

Tomorrow is attempt 2 for the MOT which may well be a week off as Tuesday is blocked as a council inspector is coming 'in the afternoon' to look at the building work next door from here. Otherwise it's just a quick check to see if something I ordered weeks ago has finally arrived, and carry on tidying and gardening. I'll try the law of attraction again now I just about understand it after seeing all the lectures emailed to me, I have the book I read ages ago but didn't make an impression back then. I'll see if I can attract what I'd otherwise have called grace to fill the space ahead of me, as maybe the guidance I've experienced for over a year (and told is constant if you look for it by the Celestine Prophecy) has been gradually controlling things more myself than an unknown external intelligence. That had to use the Akashic Records to find the things I hadn't seen directly, but been connected to that as long as I remember.

If I can now use the little power I know to cover more, clairvoyance has so far only helped convince others it's real while getting me nothing. It occasionally helped me when others did it back for me, but so far haven't used it to help myself. I have shifted two big areas so far (well they coincided with my work on them) using The Secret, which is a simplified version of Abraham, and if all this can tie up together I may sort things out altogether. I do now look for the opportunities when things go dead, and what I can do when something fucks up as today. That is I admit a totally new trick as simple doesn't equate to obvious in many cases. Maybe we see or are told things when we can use them and not before. This is now a project like all others now I get the rules, and will see what happens.

Otherwise there's nothing else to report, and will see if I can use this to shift the stuck or twisted areas like the two women driving me mad at the moment. There's that margin of rather having someone with you than being alone but the person is such a bore or pain they waver between asset and liability. One here is attractive and dull, the other not that attractive, dull but not terminally, but sexually liberated. So I took the only offer on the system, but will see if that can change as well. There is a case now and I'm on it.

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