Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy so far

I've actually been getting on with things the last few days- Tuesday was decided when my usual visitor announced her imminent arrival, and used the time waiting for the surprise call any time like a furniture delivery starting to clear out my spare room. The lack of a dry garage meant it was lost as a room and despite the garage being the same was fed up with it. Yesterday was free and thank goodness was fit enough to get to Uxbridge where I got a very rare (unique?) studded speed limit. No paint but quite legible and all studs present. Today was free again and just went for a little walk where I used to live (it's still better than anywhere else) as I did all the bigger stuff yesterday. Then I carried on with the spare room and now the majority is done, having chucked a load of stuff the first go and moved it today. I've got a booking tomorrow before going out so that's covered as is Saturday.

I am using what I consider the pretty vague advice from Abraham-Hicks (look it up, it's everywhere) to switch my thoughts off anything negative when I notice it. In these areas it's best to learn one trick at a time and if I get this will then move on to the next one. It still seems too simple to work but nothing to lose. I do have a basic foundation, albeit alone, of having got or done more or less what needs doing long and short term, so earnt the freedom I do now have. My imagination can be stretched for ideas from time to time, but admittedly better than having to do a full time job and get hardly any chance to do what I want in what free time is left. I still believe if there is any other force at work at least half of our lives are grace anyway (ie we can do fuck all about what happens either way), as although I have to make the first step I am a witness to many more events and just have to go along with them, good or bad. Well that's all I can report for now, I don't make the rules.

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