Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting there

I have actually been pretty busy since even before the last entry. Thursday night I was doing a standard search for old road signs and one turned up in the centre of London, I couldn't get the exact spot so spent a couple of hours checking the following day and then got a photo that night while there was a lot less traffic and free parking. I was supposed to take the camera with me for a non-official one at the weekend and as I forgot ended up discovering a totally new part of Richmond Park I will now be returning to with the SLR and tripod for the 180' views of London. I am also working on an article for another magazine I originally wrote the previous article for but was used before their date to see it. I hope I can now produce something else they want but have a good few ideas.

While being fully aware of my own shortcomings, mainly in the reactions area, it's going to be an uphill haul changing any one of them. I know what they are but my own symptoms of anxiety are so acute it'll take a lot to bring them anywhere near close to normal but can only work on it. This week is pretty routine- I realised there was something I wanted a photo of I actually passed on Friday night so didn't need to go twice but now will, have to take the memory card to be wiped after it got corrupted again and will finally get an eye test, twice as frequent due to glaucoma in the family. Free but still takes up time and may cost a lot if I need new lenses again. Then the builder says he should fix my garage roof after what must be a few year's wait, and coincides nicely with clearing out the spare room which I'll do tomorrow while I have to wait in for the planning officer to check on work being done next door.

I am getting there and using the new methods as I go along, and of course anyone reading this can see things have been improving. And I am slowly learning to focus on the good things and less on the rest as taught. There's a long way to go, mainly with the anxiety issue, but have to start somewhere.

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