Saturday, October 30, 2010

Test- theory into practice

I will use this entry to see if I can apply the new system to the current situation. The main tool is pivoting, changing your focus from whatever is wrong to whatever is right.

So currently I have my freedom, but looking back on the week do feel most has been wasted and although have created the potential of another article may not know about that for a while so dropped that one out of the present. Other than that I have totally run out of ideas besides a little photo run on Sunday, although I don't plan more than a day ahead now but I've got nothing to do tomorrow at the moment. So how can I change being bored and fed up from running out of material and achieving very little to something closer to optimism?

Tool 2 is the same as The Secret- think of what you want and feel what it would be like to have it for a while and that attracts it. I must do a few of those again as well as that would of course fix things directly if it did work. So that's the formula, there are other little details but I want to start simple and get the basics before I go A Level.

This year itself has produced far more than the previous few though- the first published articles, the best old road sign and getting lots of work out of the way. So there is less to do or worry about but the gaps of people and other things I'd like for the quality of life rather than simple lack of problems or stress is the next area to cover. I am still on the enlightenment path of course, and learning it's likely to come either from severe constant practice for the very strong, or longer term relaxed practice for the rest of us. They'll both do it, the methods vary to suit the people. If there is a state beyond this you relax into when whatever blockages have been removed then it's always possible for all of us. I expect every student on the path shares what they know with total beginners as compared to them we have learnt quite a bit- if knowledge/theory was the criterion many of us would be out there teaching as well. But many enlightened teachers didn't learn much if anything themselves, as it often happened on its own so their power comes from knowing the state but not quite certain how to show people how to get there, which I'd say is of less practical use than someone teaching a potential way that can work even if it hasn't for them yet. If someone told me how to become rich then if it worked it wouldn't matter if they were or not- passing on knowledge should be independent of the messenger, I can't answer questions from experience but the formula 'enlightenment is better than before' is all you need to cover it, as actually trying to describe enlightenment directly to others is basically impossible to follow anyway.

So I do see today as a test to give me something to work on. If I can turn this round it should work with just about anything. And the fact I can't see a direct way out makes it the perfect test to try it.

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