Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, a week ahead

I seem to have a completely clear run at the moment to test the latest teachings- nothing's happening either way. If I can use a single trick (as I prefer to call them as we are cheating our own minds) to make it look better then I'll have learnt something pretty useful. It's basically having an open mind, and then twisting what I know so far round it may start pointing me in another direction.

So very little more to report, it's another week and should clear the spare room completely first, then work on the next room and at least will have got that sorted out. And for a very rare change I've got little more to say. I've collected quite a bit more over the last few weeks- the main thing being the media career addition, plus a couple more old signs and a few calls to the radio as usual. If I can change this vibration to attract women who aren't severely peculiar and prefer not to have around for very long that'll be the biggest thing I can change, and would probably cover a good few other areas as well. The main thrust of the latest lesson is anything's possible if you gradually shift your vibration to it, as we are creating consciously as god. Not like god but as god ourselves. It's an interesting lesson if we create ourselves as humans, forget we can change everything and spend our lives pissing around seeing if we can remember what we could do already, but if that's the game I may as well see. And I'm not sure I know many other people who even dare to claim they can do this besides the crew narrating The Secret. I have shifted two major issues using their method and the one I'm learning now combines goals with feeling good, which is really what I needed to do more as half the other things don't make that much difference.

This would also take most things out of the realm of grace and into the realm of adeptship. That's more or less witchcraft but I can't knock anything if there's no other direction available any better. I must use small goals to start with or I'll only screw up.

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