Monday, October 11, 2010

Hal Lewis the prophet

Back again and under strict instructions not to moan. New trick, old dog, but better than doing nothing. Part of a pretty large and far more complex plan than it appears, see Abraham-Hicks for more details, it's all out there.
The good news being after a gap of a few months after finding the old road sign that completed my collection I managed to find another one, after covering maybe 80% of all the roads I wanted to on Streetview. Otherwise it's business as before, that will always be one way or another so the theory is I have to change. I did see my own recollection of being like a rubber band, I can be stretched a bit but always snap back to more or less before, as that appears to be my nature. If there's any way to fix that it'll be worth it.

So being limited to not mentioning the war or anything like it, I've covered the past, most of my philosophy and am only really left with the everyday stuff only a few of us are moved to tell the world. So I have to look both ways now, see which feels better and follow it. That's the way I've found to start applying these rules, and gradually it becomes natural. Officially. Meanwhile on twitter despite the first scientist jumping ship on global warming (Hal Lewis) many disciples are unmoved, choosing to dismiss any scientist who isn't their version of the Jehovah's Witnesses. And we all know how hard it is to argue with them. But I work one at a time, it's not a problem for me but an inevitable mission. If I am being hurt or others are as well then if I can do anything to stop it I do, as everyone else able to should. With the internet this is the way I can do the most, and if I change one single mind I've won. More is a miracle. And I no longer have to quote myself as a non-scientist, but the new Christ to Al Gore's antichrist Hal Lewis. I don't think he realises that as the first name to leave the bandwagon his reasons for leaving, the same as mine and most other sensible people's, will be quoted as a scientists' and not our own ignorant opinions. Forget Al Gore's lack of credentials, money will buy anything in the short term, but this is now the bible of Hal Lewis. I can only hope one by one more will now have the courage to follow him now they can't be the first.

So this blog is the first opportunity to use my new trick (for all methods which beat human nature must be tricks to beat what is a powerful mind) as tomorrow and ahead are no different from previous weeks besides the actual order of events, but must not be negative about it. That's test one and I'm onto it.
That's as far as I can go at the moment, it's a tall order but the only one worth following.

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