Thursday, October 21, 2010

Continuing progress

I really can't be arsed to go through the Firefox revelation routine just to get a different font so will just have to captivate with the words rather than the presentation.
The car was in and out within an hour today thank goodness, with 7000 miles on the clock no reason to fail an MOT but less chance they'd be free straight away as I also had absolutely no alternative plans after finding some yesterday. I also had to stay up till nearly 4am last night as they were talking about psychic readings on the radio and had to phone up as someone earlier didn't believe them. The presenter and a few more listeners certainly do now.

So only the car service (at my relative leisure) and eye test left. That's three dentists, a doctor, a garage and anywhere else I've forgotten out of the way. Once these were all routine, especially when I had my father to take me to the garage or the mechanic collected the car. Now it's just me, my neighbour used to help (as I did a lot more for him) but he's gone now as well. The spare room is now virtually clear, the bed is now going through the washing procedure, pillows done and cover to follow. I also need somewhere to put the spare mattress or the proper one won't fit. I expect I'll carry on with that tomorrow rather than just go out for the heck of it.
Beyond that is outside my awareness, although someone just discovered an old sign not just in the dead centre of London but some way from a legal stop. I hope I'll be able to get a photo though as it is quite a nice one. I doubt there are many other capital cities where they've made it almost impossible to access.
Meanwhile now I understand the formula I've been listening to I am applying it, it's obviously a gradual process as very few are miraculous allowing people to jump near the top, but climb there slowly or at most gradually. If anything does happen I'll certainly notice it though.

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