Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big Brother video

Last year's housemate Jonty watches Big Brother with me this year.


Anonymous said...

How much money did you have to pay Jonty to sit there with you and watch Big Brother?

You do realise that by having Jonty on your blog, you thoroughly degraded the man, as anyone who is seen with you would be.

You're nothing but a sick, demented moron who's mindset is back when he was 7 years old.

Good grief!

tashi said...

Arthouse clip David, like watching Big Brother within Big Brother within a Big Brother Blog.

Had a look at your flicka photos too and was surprised to see how similar your local suburbs are to those of Sydney ... guess its the post-war boom period architecture common to both countries showing through, or something?

The photos got tashi wondering if your blog and your photos will one day be studied by history students ... in 3000AD or something? What you publish is quite unique: a genuine catalog of everyday sights in the early 21st century! Maybe it would be a good idea (one day) to backup the lot onto CDs or DVDs and bury it all in a time capsule? Cheers!

David said...

Thanks Tashi, often the familiar means as least as much if not more than the unfamiliar. And it's all backed up.
I also have some books made of them which are finding their ways into local libraries and art galleries. It's got me looking all over the area in far more detail since I got the camera.

Anonymous said...

David said:
"I also have some books made of them which are finding their ways into local libraries and art galleries."

Since when did this happen? I mean, if you had books made that were finding their way into local libraries and art galleries, how come this is the first time it’s being mentioned?

We know this is a lie because you are such an attention seeker, that if you really had books made that are getting into libraries and art galleries, you would have blown your own horn long before now.

You really are pathetic...

David said...

This implies you've actually read every entry I've made, which I actually take as a compliment.
What people choose to reveal and when or not in their blogs is up to them and not their readers.