Sunday, August 03, 2008

A bit more information

There are two types of criticism, informed and judgemental. Now my anonymous reader who loves to stand back and feel superior by reflected comparison is clearly of the second type, and had he the brains to understand eccentricity, instead of like common people throughout the ages condemn it, none of what I write would go straight over his head. I say he, but being anon I should really say it but it doesn't read well.

A little about phobias for those who do want to know, agoraphobia and claustrophobia are both misunderstood and actually the same thing. Agoraphobia is the fear of leaving home and claustrophobia is the result once you've left there. Taking photos is open ended, meaning I go and come back when I feel like it. The exact opposite of a job.

Now I've got that out of the way, there's little else to report, but continue wishing nothing less than serious illness on anon simply as it's the only way he'll learn the truth, as he refuses to listen to those who know. Their choice and can reform in time to avoid such fate.

I can't really follow that.


Anonymous said...

How can someone who wants compassion, understanding, and a non-judgemental opinion of their own life and problems wish serious illness on another human being? I have read through most every one of your blog posts and you also mention enlightenment and the teachings of peaceful men throughout history and the present, yet you are able to wish bad things for another. The two are polar opposites and you obviously have not learned what you claim you have and certainly have no peace within yourself. That is a shame - for you, not the one you wish harm. By the way, I am NOT the anon who commented about your work history, etc. This is the first time I have ever posted on here.

As to your I.Q. being 169, I highly doubt that and you said it was from a test as a child, which hardly counts as an adult. You are not in the same league with the very few who are able to claim that. If you were within the less than 0.5% of the world's population with an intelligence that high, you would be making money or living a better life, regardless of any phobias or limitations you have.

Anonymous said...

David said:

You've just shown it's still around and I would be happy to see you run over and paralysed so I could send you a message telling you to try harder to walk.

I just re-read this again, and have come to the conclusion that anyone, that wishes ill will on someone only has that same thing fall back on himself.

Possibly this may shed some light into your “supposed” mental health issues. You have probably been doing this your entire life to people that do not really believe you, or that question why you don’t work. Quite possibly it is your own bad karma coming back to you.

As for your reasoning that agoraphobia and claustrophobia are one in the same, I seriously think that you actually need to use a dictionary. They are not similar, excepting for the fact that both have the “phobia” at the end of each. Other than that, they definitely are not one in the same.


Main Entry:
New Latin, from Greek agora + New Latin -phobia
: abnormal fear of being helpless in an embarrassing or unescapable situation that is characterized especially by the avoidance of open or public places

Main Entry:
New Latin, from Latin claustrum + New Latin -phobia
: abnormal dread of being in closed or narrow spaces
— claus·tro·phobe \ˈklȯs-trə-ˌfōb\ noun

People that suffer from agoraphobia have a great fear of leaving their houses, as they usually do not function well outside. In your blog at different times you have claimed to have this phobia. Agoraphobia can be helped through counseling (sometimes via phone if the person is that afraid to be outside). Agoraphobia is not something that comes and goes at will, it takes a very long time to overcome this and sometimes not at all. What dictionary do you use? Every dictionary that I have and referenced all have the exact same definition for agoraphobia and what it actually is.

I suffer from claustrophobia and know for a fact that people that suffer from claustrophobia do not like small confining spaces (such as elevators). If you need a good updated dictionary, I can lend you mine?

From what I read on here, and only going by that, you are nothing but a bountiful of contradictions. You say one thing, and once someone points out something flawed about what you say, you get all defensive as if you do in fact have something to hide.

The problem I have with all this and why I usually just read your blog and not post, is for the very reasons I listed….you are so full of yourself and your own thoughts that I wholeheartedly believe that if given the opportunity to function in a real life environment like a job for example, I believe deep down that you would in fact sabotage your chances, as you seem to think that you are better than everyone else. In fact, you really are not better than anyone, you just enjoy putting on a show. The problem with “acting” your life out is that you forget what you say and that you have many, many times contradicted yourself in your very own blog.

In fact, after reading your blog all these years, it is no small wonder that you are still by yourself with no female companionship. Frankly with what your views of women are, no wonder none find you worthy. It is not you finding them worthy. Women like men that they can look up to and respect, from reading your blog is quite obvious to me that you are not the type of person that anyone would look up to.

You lead such a sad and sorry existence that it is no wonder you have mental issues. In short, I even doubt that, as it is all just a ploy to get free money from the government so that you do not have to attempt to do anything other than live in the fantasy world you have created for yourself.

Anonymous said...

After reading through your blog, I have come to the conclusion that you are of sound mind, physically fit and a healthy individual.

According to my research, you do not have claustrophobia or agoraphobia; however, you do have ergophobia, and have had this phobia for the longest time.

Therefore, after reading your entire blog, I have come to the conclusion that you do, in fact, have a very serious illness: fullofshititis.

The best cure for fullofshititis is to look at yourself hard in the mirror (no the mirror won’t crack), begin to tell the truth and go get a job. You will see a vast improvement in your life.

David said...

The first point is I said the comment was ironic. I wouldn't want anyone to get paralysed or hurt at all.
What I mean is that if you can't learn from others then the only way to know is to go through it yourself and that's the worst way to understand compared to learning secondhand.

In Victorian times many people thought the paralysed could walk if they really tried, and that's the current view of many about mental illness. Better you learn from others than have to go through it.

All the other criticisms are ones I've known all my life, and are only describing who I am. My apparent contradictions are because my life and condition changes from week to week. The phobia makes the world a venn diagram with places I can and can't go to which changes constantly.

By the way there's not much point being anon once I realised who you are. If I'm right then you're not nearly as tough in reality as you are on screen and have no need to be. Apart from your known opinions on the unemployed you are a good person, assuming you are who I think.

Anonymous said...

All the other criticisms are ones I've known all my life, and are only describing who I am. My apparent contradictions are because my life and condition changes from week to week. The phobia makes the world a venn diagram with places I can and can't go to which changes constantly.

From what I’ve been reading, your life hasn’t changed one single bit. You live in a hovel and you mooch off of the government by claiming mental illness and phobias. The only thing that changes from week to week is the shit that you spew from that wretched mouth of yours.

You act like you’re superior to everyone, when in reality you’re nothing but a lazy, freeloading, good for nothing arsehole.

If, as you claim, you have all these mental illnesses and phobias, then do yourself and everyone else a favour and have yourself committed, so you can live the remainder of your sad and pitiful existence living in a padded room and wearing a jacket that ties in back.

David said...

Well well, someone's rattled your chain. You're not the first person as they are not actually evil. But very much like someone else from Youtube I'll call Jack Hawkins although I couldn't be sure.
But probably someone who actually knows me from elsewhere as most other bloggers tend to keep a distance from each other compared to the other place.

All I can say to the readers is when they're on the road at night doing the speed limit and some twat overtakes you with their fog light on, with a mobile in one hand and probably a fag in the other, it'll be the same sort of person as this specimen. They are the lowest level of the ladder of human development and can be viewed like a monkey in the zoo, except no animals are actually evil.

David said...

"By the way, I am NOT the anon who commented about your work history, etc. This is the first time I have ever posted on here.

Well I have now explained that as an academic exercise and not an actual wish. It's the worst way to learn but the only way for the hard of learning.

Now if every bugger comes on here as anon how the fuck am I or anyone else supposed to know the difference? You don't need a high IQ for that but sixth sense.

As far as IQ tests are concerned the psychologists all disagree on the validity of early v late tests. Mensa have different rules per country although I think a test taken at any age is valid for life worldwide. So they at least would not ask for a retest when you hit 18 or 21 before they trusted your IQ had not worn off.

But expecting an IQ to overcome mental and physical illness just lumps you in with our other friend here you claim not to be but are happy to parrot if you are not.

tashi said...

Hi David. Tashi's back, your 'lil aussie ally in the war against terror lol.

Those anonymii are a sorry lot eh. They seem like a group of spiteful children who've found a forest animal and have decided to corner and torment it. "Oooh look Billy it moved hit it again and see if it bleeds!"

'Spose its nice for you to have comments for a change.

Please do remember you have non-judgmental readers out here who find you interesting and genuine and who know - as do you - that your heart is in the right place and who admire and respect you for that. Cheers.