Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The week ahead?

As this is the time I would otherwise be talking to someone about my day and the week ahead, as there isn't anyone it has to go here and shared in delay. Not that there is much in either pile but of all my options this is the best one now.

I have been all over the place in the last week with the camera mainly as I've done everywhere nearby and if I don't find places to go there's little else to do. In the winter I may switch to painting again but that has got me nothing besides a redundant collection in a gallery and there's little point adding to that. Art is usually judged by the customer rather than the artist and they were happy enough to take them so I presume they thought they could sell. And tomorrow I do the same with the postcards so will see. Not that there's any money in them at all, just publicity. But nothing wrong with that. One small ray of light is the BBC will be using a photo I took (seen the day I took it), and will post a link when up later in the week. I'm not complaining but clearly all media will use a lot done by total amateurs when it's free. And professionals.

Besides the postcard trips I'm really not sure what else will be done this week/year/rest of my life actually. The woman who was meant to return home last week hasn't called, which presumably means she hasn't dumped her boyfriend and there's no point calling if she hasn't as it won't get me anywhere. I really do intend to meditate more as well, although the bad weather will encourage it more with less to do elsewhere. It is definitely the only thing we have that can even be partially relied on, and at worst does nothing noticeable and at best will get you way past anything you could ever experience without it. Some get that a lot but we all react differently. I have a couple of people I'm working with on the psychic research front, and if either or both can deliver my own view of the world will be very different. I'm talking both about interacting with physical matter with the mind and physically leaving this dimension. Meditation has shown me just because we haven't ever come across something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You just need to know what to do. Without dragging things down how long do most kids live before they discover the orgasm? Till then there wasn't even a clue and suddenly they find a new experience they can pursue the rest of their lives. Psychic ones are in the same area as that, except you can't demonstrate them to others so easily.

I think the work accounts are now over for a while as all the entries have been entered and forms sent off, and just a few bits to dig up for the main ones. But now I'm not even waiting for anything like email replies or media stuff besides that one little photo, and have no plans to send any new ones unless someone else I knew registers on a networking site. But the odd thing is I only need plans for the next day at worst, and those I have. Then although it seems impossible should find more tomorrow for the next day etc. I would love to see England play at Wembley on Wednesday, and have been in 15,000 crowds not that long ago, but 50,000 with probably hundreds in front, behind and on either side would freak me out within minutes. But that has been the case for most of the last 20 plus years. I'd probably be lucky to cope with that even with an injection let alone all my tablets. But it's only a mile or so from here and I've only ever seen England play once there and that was in 1972. Luckily a few internationals are played elsewhere now for other teams visiting so seen a couple of others locally as well. One's even on video as I was at the front and in it many times. But I have cable and will get a little return on my investment as the bastards seem to have got even more England games than usual which is fine unless I'm not at home as no one else has it.

I know talking about cancer doesn't give it to you, but does talking about bad news attract it? Views are divided, I hate to mention all the possible disasters that could happen and it's true very few do to anyone, but although I laugh at the view thinking and feeling like you've got something good attracts it to you, somehow it seems possible you can attract the opposite. Probably as that often does and the other doesn't. But thinking and talking about it probably doesn't make any difference either way. I'd be far more interested to hear people's opinions on this than anything else actually as you can only find that sort of area out by others experiences.

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tashi said...

" ... does talking about bad news attract it (cancer)?"
I doubt it. Our local MP died from pancreatic cancer last year. He was an 'independent' (no party affiliation) and possibly the most idealistic politician in the country - a man of great conscience and one of the few in this country who stood up against the unjust war in Iraq.

The government of the day hounded him relentlessly for this and eventually changed the electoral boundaries to assure his political demise. I suspect the effect of all this was to wear him down and that the wear and tear ultimately manifested as cancer. It was perhaps, death by disillusionment.

I have other views about the aetiology of degenerative diseases of both mind and body and suspect that in many cases there is indeed a psychosomatic link ... a "psycho-spiritual link" would probably be a better way of putting it.