Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A bit of everything

A wee bit random today, but only reflects life at the moment. Firstly as I didn't intend doing a PhD in Meatloaf I certainly wasn't expecting such a hoohah over what was clearly an almost universal trap I'd fallen into, even predicted before the song was released. And the fact it reminds me so much of 'Everything I own' it's even harder to mentally separate the details.
I also see on the other side of the water Barack Obama has chosen someone called Biden (I will admit to not even knowing GW Bush's VP) whose name is only one letter away from Bidet to join Obama's being one from Osama. At least he avoided senators Conksucker and Blitoris anyway. But among all the criticisms of America it's one of the best countries I know with the nicest people. So they can't be doing so much wrong.

I am in posession of two of what I consider to be the best ways to detach myself from the influence of outside conditions. One being knowledge, which is considered by most on the course to be the best known route, and also the active method offered by Nick Roach which is totally public and simply involves being aware of where you are and what you are feeling, as often as possible. I learnt knowledge in 1997 and saw Nick in 2004, and despite following him fairly consistently since haven't seen much come from his method, although I still believe it to be the best and simplest route to enlightenment without the slightest need to understand what's going on as well. It transcends the mind and the rest of his teaching is to show you why if you want to know before you do it.

I did see in today's horoscope though (just for fun) that something you are doing may be like loosening the top of a jar so it seems all the effort is going nowhere (as it does) but then it may pop off 'suddenly' but really as all the work going in has silently built up. I can only hope so.

It did occur to me as well to say my philosophy here comes from my own efforts to make sense of the world to save myself from being caught in all the traps. One by one I see new areas and when I mention them here I am fully aware they seem obvious to some and like revelations to others. Of course what is obvious to one person is a mystery to another as we all see in different ways so have to share it all, or you can go through life and miss the best bits you can't work out yourself. I'd be happy to keep all of these discoveries to myself (besides my paying clients) as I get nothing back from sharing them, but do see it as a complete waste to find something out you literally 'own' (as you worked it out yourself) and not share it. The fact many other people already know doesn't stop the ones who don't from benefitting. I am also interested in philosophy but do it far more just for survival purposes.

I am now praying my HTML works as I don't want to spend ages trying to sort it out at bedtime.

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