Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting it done

That was a busy week- My friends from America are here and seen them nearly every day before they return for 3 more years minimum. I went back to take a photo of the sign I found last week behind locked gates, and ordered the triangle to go on top which will be replaced sooner or later now.
So most of my jobs are out of the way for now, and an arson attack on our junction box meant north London had no cable access for over 2 days after my last entry, and had two whole fucking email replies when it returned yesterday afternoon. I'd run out of things to do at home by Friday and really missed whatever the internet could do. Living alone means there's literally nothing else to do besides housework, TV and the internet, and besides the 5 terrestrial channels the rest were off as well.

Things do seem to be fitting better now, more actual finishes although others are only half done still. Besides probably seeing my friends one last time Tuesday I am devoid of all plans besides one booking on Friday. I'll have to tidy my grandma's after they go back and do all the washing but that was the rule they were allowed to stay at all by my mum. I believe something will still happen, the big one/s whatever they are. I joined the Facebook page of a lovely woman in my old TV programme although she's a few years older than me and probably knocking 60 and married. She hasn't replied to my comments though but may rarely visit. Maybe a woman will be next, I know exactly what I both want and need, and as long as she tolerates my massive limitations will be perfectly OK. I can't imagine or engineer where they'll finally come from whatever my mother thinks, but everything else happens randomly sooner or later and so does that.

I can't remember if anything else is on its way, clearly not the various people expected to reply when the internet came back, but if nothing else the rest will do me good this week. It gets too dark for photos by 4 even if I had any to take now, and am busy on my postal course to be followed by finishing one article and starting a second. Even the news is opening up a little now, with the BBC reporting global warming disbelievers and Friends of the Earth realising carbon trading is also a con. If you trade in something that can't be bought and sold the actual transactions are void. There is nothing being bought or sold, like a Ponzi scheme or Enron. It's just another name for fraud. We give and they take, and what do we get in return, literally fresh air, including the carbon that's been traded. Hold on, does that sound like bollocks? Because of course it is. Do you really need an IQ of 169 to realise that, if so we are in dire straits.
That's the final job, I must find someone to take my IQ, two more calls to make tomorrow. One at a time.

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