Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neither a borrower or a lender be

I like freedom, and when I sometimes put down certain political views it's because they restrict it for no reason except they enjoy doing so. Some sick individuals enjoy seeing animals in cages, all I can say is if they do then each should spend at least a week in one and then see if they do. The same goes for the rich politicians who like to make us poor. They can travel freely but when they make it so expensive only the most well off can do so. I know why they do it but will never approve of their attempts to increase the scope. The old economic policy of money equalling production has never applied to this lot, otherwise the banking system of leveraged borrowing and quantitative easing would be illegal. Ponzi schemes always were, as are pyramid schemes, but printing money to flood the economy never was, despite the total of production staying fixed. It always means the new money is worthless but because of the methods of accounting they use (very similar to the ones demonstrating global warming) people are fooled.

Now to me once this was pointed out it was never in doubt, yet when I try and do so, I either preach to the converted who also worked it out or am faced with abuse. Why do people want to be robbed and would rather believe the the rat in the kitchen is their fairy godmother? Human bloody nature. As Shakespeare's rose will always smell as sweet even if you call it Al Gore, so Al Gore will always be the devil's rheum even if people call him the saviour.

One by one people familiar with David Icke but critical are beginning to realise he knew what he was saying. Again, like the biblical sheep and goats (I never understood the meaning by the way) we are divided in two camps. The believers and the understanders. Belief means trust and faith, understanding means knowledge. I know man burning fuel and farming can't make the climate change. I know restricting people's freedom is bullying. I know lending people money they can never repay and then getting the taxpayers to foot the bill is theft. Most people vote for the policies that allowed this to happen and then whinge when it did. Including EU membership. It's like leaving the car door unlocked and then moaning when it's been stripped the next morning. The best I can hope for is one person who was sucked in saying they've realised I was right but may wait a very long time. That's how they get away with it, people hate to be cheated and hate even more to be wrong, so they close their eyes and whistle dixie while their bank accounts shrivel up like autumn leaves. It's like trying to tell someone the answer on a TV quiz knowing they can never hear you. I really feel like giving up but as long as I have a voice I can only repeat, repeat, repeat. If not then everyone will assume we agree.

I wonder how when all the political fraud is so obvious to me why so few others get it? I can explain it instantly and easily and when junk mails offered me grand loans every day for years I wouldn't want or could afford it was clear every bugger in the country was as well. It never used to be like that, the people who needed loans (apart from housing I don't believe anyone does, but they felt they did) never got them. Then it changed. Or the law did. Banks were allowed to invest and speculate and previous barriers to bad debt creation were removed. This is now the result. Just like 'Life insurance' is actually death insurance, so the credit crunch is actually the debt crunch. Earn not enough, borrow what they offer you and then (adding vast amounts of interest) realise you can't pay. Multiply that by millions of similar idiots and the sensible guys have to pay as it's our safe money the government can take from us in taxes.

So as always the bright subsidise the dim, locally and worldwide. This is a form of socialism and another reason I could never endorse a single left wing party as long as I live. It's organised envy, puritanism and control and I like my freedom and to earn my money honestly and be allowed to keep it. People will never again believe it's necessary to save until they have luxuries like decent cars and holidays, but always believe the sensible owe them a living and basically steal our money by taking out loans they know they can never repay while the banks and governments who subsidise them take our money to fill the gaps. If a revolution was ever needed now is the time, before we are all equally poor (besides the bankers).

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