Saturday, November 21, 2009

A whole week

The week was a challenge, I needed a rest and had absolutely no plans but decided what to do as it happened. That ended the week with a local video, shopping in Golders Green and locally and scanning as many photos in as I could find. And someone noticed my room needed tidying on Youtube which has also just been done. I also found 4 more people on Facebook and guess what, not one has replied. Busy or total wankers? I'll leave that to you. The global warming racket is heating up (pun intended) with reports flooding in (pun intended again) of predictions of 6 degree increases (until the woman was interviewed and said it may not be by the end of the century as reported) and similar CO2-temperature correlations that simply can't be demonstrated outside the simplistic mind of the authorities who want it to be true to rob us blind.

I hope the more nonsensical the claims and higher the taxes eventually someone more important than me will come out and put a stop to this. Before the internet no one could check the crap we were told by the authorities, now the scientists banned from the media (except a few who get lucky) publish their findings here. One report from Philip Stott or Nils-Axel Morner alone would rip their story to shreds and leave no leg standing for the ridiculous nonsense they try and make us accept. I've also studied the formulas for soviet propaganda and they simply use them now as if the place still existed. The location may have changed but the methods are no different.
I hear they are almost ready to turn on the large hadron collider after its latest disaster, but in the small print it may take a year to reach full speed, partly as it was broken and partly they're shit scared. If that goes tits up it may affect the climate a lot more than simple car usage.

Unless parcels are delivered on Saturdays (oh yes, and George Michael likes women) there won't be a sign repaired this weekend. I just hope the damn thing comes at all as I've paid for it already. Various business projects are moving along gradually as well, closer to completion but a minimum of weeks ahead for the first one. Until then I haven't a clue what else could happen, I got a message two more famous old signs had just been removed from Aldwych, proving how vital my project is to get photos of every one while it's still here. I was even offered one but prefer them where they were meant to be put. So it has become a bit boring, I didn't speak to a single person face to face for three days, and if you think no sex is bad then add that to the mix for worse. I'm just hoping an old friend will return from the dead online as it's a lot easier to catch up than start from scratch.

I'm working tomorrow before the gym, and got a haircut for Tuesday at last, and that's about it so far. A couple of probable routine photo trips for the weekend and any more will be a surprise. And finally may actually have some photos published in a book for charity by the end of the year. That'll help.


diver said...

Know the feeling. I haven't spoken to anyone face to face for two days and by the look of it won't be for another two days (wife & dtr on a road trip). Still, I'm having a lovely time home alone, not answering phone, so disinterested in visitors that I padlocked the front gate to my place. I'm not anxious or depressed, just really enjoying the quiet and my own company and all the freedom and time I've been granted to get into my various home-based products. It's not too hard to do solitary is it David, to enjoy one's own company without the need for constant social stimulation and shopping?

You wrote 'I'm just hoping an old friend will return from the dead online as it's a lot easier to catch up than start from scratch.' Are you talking 'friend' or 'romance'? I think I'd prefer to start from scratch in either case nowadays ... I just don't like looking 'backwards' I guess.

David said...

It's quite different to have a people holiday than a people drought. I've lived alone now for 16 years (except a few assorted tenants rarely chosen for their personalities) and my last regular friend left the country in 2002.

I resorted to family, and now all that's left is my parents, so closer to zero than many. I don't want it to get that far.
As for reviving the past literally anyone local I can see again will do, more would be a bonus, but I think I tried most of my exes already so none left now.