Friday, November 13, 2009

How it's done

After a busy week I've now got some peace and freedom. No actual material to fill it yet, but a good start. I've been watching lots of new satsang posted on Youtube and my mind now understands all matter is part of one whole, thoughts just vibrating on a different frequency from rocks. But if everything is one, then we as part of it are supposed to be influencing it with our thoughts, as they apparently create matter. Of course matter changes our thoughts, so why not the other way round?
It also means we are not confined by a body, but part of it all. Science now seems to confirm what they have always said.

People use practices of varying complexity to see this directly for themselves, with varying results. I stick to the easiest ones, the meditation has worked for minutes at times, while the active work I can apply all the time seems to have had no effect. My life has changed outwardly though, which makes sense if all is connected. I am finally being guided to each event and does seem to fit my own choices and ambitions more and more. That's never happened before. Once you know it's there and look for it it can be seen in many events. I'm sorry it can't speed the flow though but how many adepts are alive at one time, if any?
But it's improved. I may still be alone, no woman in my life and few friends around, but getting many other ambitions done one by one which really aren't the sort of thing I could cause by choice. I hope this means one by one the other will as well as I know the overall picture I'd like to see and will know when I've crossed that line.

The current use of the time has been getting chores done- shopping, still clearing my grandma's place now my friends have left it, going for walks and bike rides when dry, and a little work. All the big projects are on hold, while I either wait for deliveries, results or progress outside my control. Meanwhile I have to keep occupied, and will be taking another old subway sign over the weekend if nothing else. These are the little stepping stones that seem to get me across the gaps when nothing big is happening. Half the events are definitely started by me while others are 100% out of my hands. Maybe at last these are being influenced by my preferences if indeed part of it all.

No plans otherwise so just wait and see. A poll was just announced that 40% of people (British?) don't believe in global warming. OK, I think 20% to go now, we're getting there. Be scared of radiation (man made), overpopulation (man made) and real pollution such as sewage (man made) and let the climate do what it always has. This is the world's IQ test. Score under 100 and we all go down (not in water, but financially) and beat it and we beat the system. I've answered as many questions on it as people throw at me as I've taken the effort to find the answers and it's no different from a complex David Copperfield trick, using misdirection and distraction so some fools take their eyes off the ball. I am doing what the masked magician is and taking the sheet away so you can see what they're doing, not just here but every website I can. And right at the back there's Al Gore with one hand on his cock running the whole show.

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