Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Progress and agoraphobia

"Why why should we care Joe, why should we despair Joe? We'll win out, yes we'll win out, yes we'll win out in the end". Now some people in the UK will remember this just as I do, but heard it for the first time in about 30 years after I finally got hold of the series of Look and Read called Joe and the Sheep Rustlers first shown in 1973 when I began catching the odd episode when off school, but never seen them all. So now I've managed to hear it again thanks to the internet, although it was all shown at once a couple of years ago I checked very soon after and too late. Patience and persistence there.

I have been pretty busy, work has snowballed as it usually does for no apparent reason, my friends from America are here this week after a 4 year gap and probably about the same next time, if there is one. Two more old signs over the weekend found posted on Flickr so on quite a roll. And according to a British court today global warming is officially a religion, as someone won their case on religious/philosophical discrimination grounds, as they were a green warmist, or 'bedwetter' as Lord Monckton and now I call them. A few leaders, many minions and millions of unknowing victims. The scam of the millenium.
So my feeling last week things would happen seems not failed but gradual, building up since about the weekend and continuing to each day. If I picked that up that is a new level of progress and with evidence comes faith, not the imaginary religious type but the knowing you get from experience.

The new counter is clocking about 10 a day, which means it's the same as when the other vanished and a good base to start on. I'm reading more now it's dark early and learning how incredibly similar agoraphobia is and people's reactions to not being able to do most of the things they once could. It's a new arrival to us all, it comes after having little or no problem with anything, you have one or two bad experiences and it arrives in full. Then it's simply a matter of how big your circle is each day, month or year. Even those who do what I may never do again are still often terrified while they do and wears them out for days after. I say don't bother as once you've done these things already and often no longer want or need to then most are expendable. It's really a free world when it comes to taking orders and if it's your job then you have to get one that's safe. One woman who doesn't care I can't go to the theatre, restaurants and most of the other places they usually love going and I've won. I can't imagine many men who'd turn down a woman that didn't like going out, they'd probably propose to them despite any nasal or other prominent wart. So why do women love activity so much?

Many women of all ages moan their partners hardly ever take them out, I went to discos to meet girls, girls tended to go even when you'd pulled as they liked them. And so it continued. Once a man has a woman he's often happy just to sit around the house like the cat while she's around. Go out when so comfortable and the TV on- why? The selection of countries I've seen has been interesting, but 200 miles or so of Belgium at 150mph basically tells you what you always heard, it's a flat green plain with small bunches of grotty old houses. Seeing famous places like Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen etc are interesting but no need to make a habit of it. America is pretty uniform for 1000 miles, I must have driven that much on the bus there and barely noticed a change. Skyscrapers surrounded by henhouses surrounded by grass or trees. Each town or city except DC was a clone of the last, although Cleveland was a lot nicer and I've seen some of the best small towns ever in the northern states and Canada on TV, but I didn't see much personally. Morocco was just like the films but again no need to make a habit of it and I ate on board ship which was free of germs. They warned everyone to avoid eating locally and those who ignored it suffered the consequences. Beaches and posh hotels can be nice but only so much sea and sand in a lifetime and the hotels all relied on the other people as deadly dull when they weren't there.

So maybe agoraphobics are an evolutionary level, ie being content where they are. I only know one who wants to go to places they can't, I think most are more like me and are happy unless pushed to beyond their personal boundaries. People can learn a lot from us as being content is one of the highest levels, as above happiness which is transitory. I'm rarely happy nowadays for obvious reasons for regular readers. But I am content when I've been out or seen someone and then can relax at home in front of a screen. I learned a lot from my cats and clearly have more in common with them than most people do.


diver said...

Two excellent questions you posed there David,

'So why do women love activity so much?'

I'd probably rephrase that one as 'So why do some people love activity so much?' and the answer I'd offer is 'lack of ability to focus'. Most people I know just haven't got the patience and self-discipline to sit still for any amount of time. Instead they've addicted themselves to movement, consumerism and social activity and that's just their rote lifestyle.

'So maybe agoraphobics are an evolutionary level?'

Sure, I could conceive of that. I'm currently calling mine a 'badge of honour' even (lol). I do wanna travel though, it's just something I've always dreamed of doing.

David said...

Luckily I travelled far and wide before I had too many problems or I may have felt I'd missed out.
But I say women as how many couples do you know where the man says "She never wants to go anywhere".