Monday, November 09, 2009

Voting our lives away

It's been some time since I opened the box and had nothing to say. The activity was wearing me out and just hope I can find as many easy things to do when it's over this week. Assuming it is. Meanwhile our government has managed to become the totalitarian collection of mafiosi I said Labour were as soon as I was old enough to tell the difference.
They made it in the end. Fuel rationing. Under the latest plans to rob the poor (as they will be hurt the most) each person will be given an annual energy allowance and once it's used will be taxed an all the remainder used. It's possible it may be beaten by the next election but unlikely.

People either know this already or don't want to. How much they'll have to be robbed before they realise the concept of global warming was developed solely for this purpose is the equivalent of a negative IQ test. The longer people fall for it the lower their IQs are. And that seems bloody low to me as I suspected for a long time. I want them to show me I'm wrong yet each time this and last month more green taxes were announced no one besides me and Petrie Hosken on LBC seemed to care. Clive Bull there wondered what difference it made why they taxed us as they've got to do it anyway, the simple answer is that you can't have a unicorn tax if there aren't any unicorns. If they do need to clear us out then just say so and admit they've fucked up the economy no better than pre-Nazi Germany and Zimbabwe today. I saw the debt crisis coming, my cat did, and even my flaky ex probably did. But Gordon Brown, the most powerful man (officially at least) in the country was too fucking thick to realise? Of course he knew, but with hands in the till how could he stop it?

So I see the political system of democracy crumble in front of me, and without bloggers and other independent individuals reminding as many people as possible our governments are as bent as a nine bob note, maybe more people will vote for the other lot in the next election. The ones with principles who won't imitate every other bugger like the main three do. Just don't vote Green obviously. These extremists are against freedom and everything we were supposed to have won the war for. Now the EU is taking over, just like Germany tried to twice before but this time with the Lisbon Treaty signed have now succeeded. And the biggest green taxes come from that very EU, so the only way to stop them is choose a politician who wants to leave it. Enough said.

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