Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mafia wars in reality

Something I've been aware of for a long time is however powerful or apparently qualified a person is they seem to have huge holes in their intelligence. Mine were due to lack of knowledge and experience, and after many years of both, plus almost as many of training believe there are no longer any. This to me seems normal, yet when seemingly bright and qualified people miss the bleedin' obvious it makes me wonder how few people actually develop a blanket awareness or remain specialists but not able to comprehend apparently simple things for others?

If I don't understand something I have a strategy to learn, and that leads to a termination of opinions on a subject to an awareness what an answer is, the difference between belief and faith and knowledge. I and thank goodness many others (but still not enough) can easily scratch the surface of the political global warming soviet-style propaganda (all catchphrases and sanctions with no actual substance behind it) yet enough people fall for it who ought to know better. This applies to every other seemingly true situation that falls under close scrutiny, and those that seem confusing as well. There is a logical series of steps I was taught from college which anyone can use, and now with the internet can quickly fill any required gaps if uncertain until filled. I still don't know if I'm one of few or just many pretend they don't understand to rip people off.

I spent most of my time on photography this week, videos and scanning old stuff in when it gets dark early. It would be really nice to punctuate my activities with face to face conversation but can't have it all. I'm also searching more people on Facebook, and found two who haven't replied. Nothing new there. Not one council I enquired about old signs have either so pretty typical. Tomorrow is a mystery, there's plenty of paperwork when it really fizzles out and may well end up doing some. I used all my own resources this week so far but is always nice when others join in, like the Surrey sign that was found last weekend. The red sign triangle hasn't arrived yet and need it by Saturday if I can fit in on Sunday when someone's there. 50-50 I think. And some twat in a newspaper just predicted temperatures will rise by the maximum 6'. Now maybe the extreme bullshit level will shake many more people to awaken as such a claim is not one requiring an IQ of 150 to doubt, but a brain full stop. They know temperatures will rise by 6' after they've risen .4' till 1998 (no idea from when, they never mention that bit) and then, er, stopped.
So once they start rising again (they must have Alice's looking glass to see that) they know how much now? Did someone maybe give them God's phone number? Has Stephen Hawking used his wheelchair as an antenna and channeled the climate fairy? Please. They didn't know what our summer would be like this year and they're wittering on the world is ending as they need more taxes!

Get it?

Anyway, hopefully they've shot themselves in the foot with this one, as it's so ridiculous even the hoverers may question this level of certainty when absolutely no actual facts support it. The mafia are not just from Italy, they operate just the same at all levels and the equivalent is behind this one. They spend a fortune advertising and bribing scientists knowing they'll get more back in contracts (new taxes). Actually I'd like to move so should start becoming a climate change counsellor, helping people overwhelmed by all the changes in the world caused by our CO2 emissions. Why not join them as I need the money as much as anyone else. They have their script and despite no data actually supporting the claims stick to it regardless, just like the Nazis did. CO2 is the Jew of the 21st century and the bedwetters (as named by Lord Monckton) are the Nazis chasing them to their demise. The holocaust is financial so far, and will become technological, by destroying industry to 18th century standards, when finally killing millions of people when the first nuclear leak happens, as it has to.

So eventually their policies can and probably will cause another holocaust, they can't predict tomorrow's weather but I can safely say if they go nuclear one reactor will leak and we all know what happens then. Only the mafia could manage this on such a scale.

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