Monday, November 30, 2009

No idea

A week has passed without an entry, and hardly surprised as nothing at all has happened since a week ago. And no particular reason it should any time this week or year for that matter. Besides raining most of the week I've just made a few videos, including one of The Bill when I drove into their location set today and had the still camera with me which does short videos as well.
Besides finding an old sign I found outside a block of flats was indeed an official type however rare there hasn't been anything else in the way of news either. I dread to think what I was like in the 70s considering how many people I find I last saw then ignore my messages. There aren't many left to find now and only actually met two since I started looking.

The next trip is the private signs around Regents Park as only had a few till now, nothing special but in the old style with totally different designs. I have sent off another article, based around a specific incident in my own life that showed me how easily most people become Napoleon when given a little power. That showed me the rules on how to exercise power and naturally an article followed. But if everything's still guided last week did give me a nice rest and each previous week hadn't had any plans but was sorted out each day when they came. Days on end with no human contact have their effect but that would be the same for most people. Until I can find someone I can see regularly who's actually worth it that's not going to change.

So although there is a small system the couple of possibilities are weeks or more ahead and can't think of any in advance as I've done my bit were required and now have to forget about them all. Besides shit and unnecssary jobs like the dentist (why go every 6 months as they say so?) I've got all the rest out of the way. I've got my therapy forms to fill in tomorrow which is not much but has to be done. But today I was told about one nearby house to take and found a decent railway bridge with low wall with amazing views next to it, and then saw them filming The Bill on the way back. So that's how a blank day can work out with absolutely no input from yourself. So that was guided, and that needs to carry on somehow.

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