Monday, November 23, 2009

A low carbon story

I am learning how to live within what appears to be guidance, as despite it working on many projects there are still huge gaps, and the rule is to look for the guidance in the apparent space. Well today the place with the old sign closed early and may have to go on Wednesday, which is about 30 miles from me. Better than not but a pain nonetheless. Other projects are moving on nicely but weeks or more from completion so can't focus on those seeds still growing slowly so have to find interest in the present. Last weekend I ran out of material and found a sign after a couple of hours online, but can't rely on them for everything.

So the week ahead has been possibly altered somewhat. Tomorrow will be a routine photo trip presumably, and haircut the next day, and Wednesday probably get the sign fitted. There was football on the same night but can't be in both places at once and the football is on again. And I think just after my last entry (certainly when I read the papers) the powers that be have been caught adjusting the figures on global warming. Were it not for the internet this would have been impossible without breaking in but now it's not so easy to hide your tracks. I hope another section of society has been lost from sitting on the fence, as it's so bloody obvious the climate can't rely both on CO2 to drive it, and the piddling (3%) amount we are responsible for. Common sense seems to have been suspended by (41% by our first survey) of the population, and hopefully woken up a few more from their sleep of pure idiotic gullibility. Crooks are crooks and the fact some are in authority is a better reason to expect it than not.

I expect little more but always hope for it, I have collected a lot this year already and raised my level somewhat, and if the book comes out with my photos in it will be more so. But again, not for weeks so can't use it now. Last week I didn't speak to a single person three days flat, and with no grandma may be a regular occurence. I saw today they want to charge for Facebook, that'll remove another social route but may have done all I can on it since the latest batch of new arrivals ignored me in unison. They were all from the 70s, fuck knows what I must have been like to alienate so many women but that hasn't changed 30-40 years later. I only want one or two people I can see locally again, I always have till not long ago but people move and have their own families so all dried up now. But if guided now I've seen other problems solving themselves one by one, so currently seems to be working its way along them all. And writing it all down here always helps organise my mind so even if no one reads it I'd be doing it somehow as I can see all my situation in one place.

I hope tomorrow and beyond brings more global warming revelations as it may finally poke a hole in the balloon that's grown so big the TV and radio can't go an hour without getting it in.

Low carbon economy means basically going to Greece, not knowing the language so you can't read the signs, understand the people and basically either learn a new alphabet and country from scratch or get totally lost. Then you get put in a factory where you can't understand the job or instructions, and someone's preaching to you through a speaker but of course it makes no sense at all. Every so often they slip a little English in, not enough to make sense but to gove the impression of what the job entails. But you never quite get it.
So then you go to sleep and start dreaming with bits of Greek slipped in as it's now all around you. Of course in the dream a little seems to make sense, but when you wake up it's all gone and all you understand the boss shouting at you is 'low carbon economy'. The next step is to ring up one of the clairvoyants who advertise, and see if they can see into the problem. One says they have your spirit guide and you should change your shoes as your footprint is too big. You give her the sack on the spot and try something new.

You then go to the cinema to watch the latest low carbon film, it's on a black screen, some kind of symbolism, but it's in bloody Greek again and because it's in black and white the images keep fading in and out on the black screen. More symbolism of course but only the gods can understand it, well the Greek gods anyway. Alcohol could be the key, so try and get drunk, previously setting the intention for a low carbon hangover. Alka Seltzer is banned there as it produces too much CO2 so another dead end. In the end Al Gore sells you his new bible, which is the bible of world carbon neutrality. In the beginning was the word. Money. Money can be made of paper so if you burn it it releases CO2, so don't burn money, give it to him. Then your industry will be low carbon and they all live happily ever after.

Do you understand it now? No? Me neither.

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Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

If all the thousands of politicians, reporters, their staff etc that are going the World Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in a few weeks time are really serious about the CO2 emissions then why don't they use tele-conferencing and each stay in their own offices instead of flying a million miles in jet planes, staying at hotels consuming more food and drink and it being winter in Europe causing more heating to be used and lights for the conference hall. Ah but if they did that by staying at home then there would be no global photo session and it would be harder to convince the stupid public the reason why there will higher taxes, to pay for pensions etc, on Emission Trading. Emission Trading does NOT reduce CO2. All it does is allow China, India etc to make goods that were once made in Europe, Australia and USA but now too costly to do so thanks to the wankers in the unions being greedy. So it is OK for China and India to make a lot of CO2 so we can have 'cheap' goods but we end up paying a lot more indirectly by the taxes to be added. Thus unionists had you not stuffed it up we could now be having reasonably priced goods in our own countries made by our own people and having almost full employment. Soon it will be compulsory, because it is cheaper and there are more nurses etc, that women who are about to give birth will have to go to maternity hospitals in China. Anyone who needs medical attention in the UK, USA and Australia will have to go to India for the same reasons. One World Order is here.